Andean Sol, the premium superfood brand has launched an innovative range of Chia Oils this month. By working closely with farmers in the Andean region of South America, Andean Sol brings the essence of the mountains to the UK with the creation of its Olive & Chia Oil blend and Extra Virgin Chia Oil. 

Black Chia Seeds

Black Chia Seeds

As chia continues to grow as a healthy food trend, Andean Sol reveals just how wonderful these tiny little seeds are…

10 Benefits of chia:

  • Chia Oil is cold pressed from chia seeds - one of the highest sources of plant based healthy omega 3 fatty acids.
  • Chia Oil is high in antioxidants keeping skin looking healthy and young
  • Chia Oil is ideal for dipping and delicious to drizzle over a salad
  • Chia Oil has strong anti-inflammatory properties to keep your joints healthy
  • Chia Seeds keep you fuller for longer and so help aid weight loss
  • Chia Seeds are high in protein – perfect for those who follow plant based diets  
  • Chia Seeds are high in iron to boost energy levels and  help to aid digestion
  • Chia Seeds are high in calcium to support healthy bones
  • Chia Seeds are naturally gluten free

The Andean Sol range is available now on Ocado. For more information please visit: