With contradicting things written about almost everything these days, we think the only way to learn and find out more about something is to experience it yourself. Whether you are introducing a juice in to your daily routine or embracing a juice cleanse, you will feel the benefits! 

Mother superfood bowl

Mother superfood bowl

Each of us at MOTHER have had different experiences with juicing, all positively influencing our body and mind. This lead us to creating the Juice Works in Hackney Wick, where we are dedicated to producing high quality, organic, seasonal and low fruit juice, that does not cost the earth.

In our experience these are some of the things you will feel:

An increase in energy

An energy increase is what most people are looking for, but often in the wrong places! Coffee and other stimulants are a quick fix but there is always a drop on the other side.  If you give your body the fuel it needs, this is a different kind of energy, it is vitality and you will be bouncing through your day. 

Clarity of mind

Juice makes you productive, with the energy of the body comes energy of the mind, a clarity that allows you to engage in what you are doing and be more productive.  

A new found love for you

This is the biggest transformation and this is what we all want. There are many ways of re-connecting with yourself, yoga, singing, exercise, mediation, but putting the right things in your body has without doubt made the biggest difference. Regular juicing leads to a healthier diet as you consciously or sub-consciously realise how great it feels to give your body what it needs. 

A change in you

It’s possible for others to notice a change in you once you start juicing, often it’s a glow or a sparkle in the eyes, this means that your system is clearing internally. Juicing does not just give you a large portion of fruit and veg, but does so in a way that gives your digestive system a well-needed rest. Without having to use large amounts of energy on breaking down the food, your body is able to direct the attention to other areas, and clearing unwanted toxins that may lead to illness. 

Based on alkalinity and the ideologies of expansion and contraction, green juice can help to reduce anxiety and depression. When the body is acidic, from a lifestyle that is too reliant upon processed and fried foods, sugar, coffee and alcohol, the body creates a state of contraction that contributes to producing tension, anxiety and depression. However, when the body is alkaline and nourished with fresh vegetables, fruits, whole foods and juice, the body creates a state of expansion that allows for relaxation, peace and a feeling of ease.

Written by the folks at MOTHER: www.mother.works

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