Three nearly naked models dressed in nothing but green lingerie and crocodile masks crashed the opening day at London Fashion Week.

The 'crocodiles' had an important message

The 'crocodiles' had an important message

They held up signs that read "Cruelty to Crocodiles Unmasked" and "Animals Die for Exotic Skins".

This comes after a recent PETA expose of crocodile farms in Vietnam.


The video contained scenes of animals stuck in tiny pits and sometimes skinned while they were still alive.

"For every crocodile-skin bag or belt, animals were beaten and were likely still conscious as their skin was torn off", says PETA Director Elisa Allen. "With so many beautiful, luxurious vegan fabrics available, it's easier than ever to get that killer look without killing animals."

Part of PETA’s motto reads; "animals are not ours to wear" and it has exposed cruelty on reptile farms on three continents. The footage has found that animals are forced to live in filthy conditions before being killed in violent and painful ways.

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