I have to confess that I didn't know these existed until the consultant at my local Slimming World posted is as part of a list vegan foods that were low in syns. The great news is- these are free on the plan so if you're a vegan who's following this plan- these are guilt free.

Dee's Traditional Vegan Sausages

Dee's Traditional Vegan Sausages

I had to try some so I went to Holland and Barrett the day after and picked myself up a couple of boxes. Sadly, it's only a little branch in my local town so they only had one flavour- but that was enough to gauge the quality of the other products.

I decided to fry them up in a little spray oil so they felt like a real indulgence. They were done in about five minutes and left little residue. The skin around them is the same consistency as a pork sausage so for those who want to eat vegan food that looks AND tastes like the real thing- this certainly ticks all the boxes.

I cut them in half (they held together unlike other brands), popped them on some bread with a squirt of tomato sauce and it was heaven. The sausages have a mild taste to them and you can't tell they are plant based.

The sausages are only 50 calories each, which is a fraction of what you would consume in a meat version.

The thing I liked most about this product is there are only a few ingredients- pea, protein, navy beans, black bean, flaxseed, spices, rapeseed oil and Irish Dulse seaweed- that's it.

Normally sausages are loaded with all sorts of added extras- some of which are unrecognisable.

Another plus point is that they are soya free, so if you are a vegan who is allergic to soya- like me- this is a healthy and convenient option.

They are admittedly a little more expensive- I paid £3.99 for six, however if you are looking for a little treat- they are well worth the extra money.

Each sausage boasts at whopping 6.9 grams of protein too, so a couple of these at breakfast or with mash will cover you for a quarter of your recommended daily dose.

The most comforting thing about this product is that it has been developed by a nutritionist- so if it's good enough for her, you know you are getting the best and healthiest ingredients with minimal preparation.

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