Deliciously Ella has recently launched her new range of energy and protein balls, some of which have already been featured on her site so her fans will already be familiar with the flavours.

Deliciously Ella Energy Balls Range

Deliciously Ella Energy Balls Range

The packaging is very simple; plain blue, orange, purple, teal or cream with a small picture of the main two ingredients in the product.

There is also a very clear message- each of the products contains very few- but all clean ingredients- none of which exceed a total of six. There aren’t many snacks out there that can boast so few ingredients with such amazing flavours.

Each ball comes in a little tray inside so when you open it up, it feels like you’re eating something very posh indeed!  

The products remind me a lot of Nakd bars- similar ingredients- just moulded in a ball shape- so if you’re already a fan of those you are bound to like these too.

The big appeal for me is that they are all made from whole, plant based foods with no sugar- just the natural sweetness of the fruit (if used) and date syrup. So if you are watching your sugar intake- these are a great snack to keep in your handbag when you feel the need to graze.

Many people swear by these for their post-lunch slump or pre-gym workouts. I can’t speak for their benefits before the gym as I’m lazy- but I can say they saved me from reaching for something far naughtier in the afternoon at work.

Ella also encourages you to make them yourself at home- the recipe is available with the product so you can access the ingredients and the method and give them a try too. So if you are on a budget-you can still enjoy the product- just made by your own fair hands.

As they are all vegan friendly, I was sent one of each of the flavours to try- so here are my honest thoughts.

Deliciously Ella Almond and Blueberry Protein Energy Ball

Made from dates, almond butter, almonds, hemp protein, date syrup and freeze-dried blueberries- this has to be my favourite flavour of the range. The blueberries give it a lovely sweetness and moistness so they are very satisfying to eat. It’s almost like you are consuming a giant blueberry with added extras!  

They also contain an impressive 8g of plant protein so if you’re a vegan who’s worried about their protein intake for the day- when eating one of these- you have nearly consumed a quarter of your daily intake (for a woman) - just in a snack.

Deliciously Ella Energy Ball Cacao and Almond

This one is a combination of dates, whole almonds, cacao, roasted almond butter, coconut oil and salt.

I first tried this flavour in a coffee shop as it was the only vegan snack they had to accompany my drink. This is definitely one for the chocoholics out there. The cacao gives a wonderfully creamy, chocolaty flavour so it tastes like you’re eating something far more indulgent than you are. A much better choice than a slab of chocolate cake and it kept me going throughout the afternoon of my shopping trip.

Deliciously Ella Hazelnut and Raisin Energy Balls

This ball again has a base of dates, but this one also has roasted chopped hazelnuts, raisins, cacao, cinnamon and cardamom.

I don’t really like cinnamon but the flavour is very subtle and the hazelnuts give it a real bite, so if you like a Snickers bar or Reeces Pieces, this might just satisfy your need for a snack with some crunch.  

Deliciously Ella Energy Ball Cashew and Ginger

This is made with just four natural ingredients- dates, cashews, oats and ground ginger, which I feel is the biggest selling point of this product.  

Sadly, it’s hard for me to review this one as I am not a fan of ginger. What I will say is- if you are fond of the flavour this one has a real spiciness to it, which leaves a tingle on your tongue. A much healthier alternative to a ginger biscuit, gingerbread or piece for ginger cake but will satisfy your craving for the spice all the same.  

Deliciously Ella Coconut and Oat Energy Ball

This is made up of dates, oats, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, desiccated coconut and date syrup.

I would suggest the Bounty fans out there try this one as this reminded me of a healthier and vegan friendly version of the coconut classic. It smells amazing and the inclusion of the oats make it taste bulky and substantial so you feel like you’re getting bang for your buck with this variety.  

The balls are a little pricey, however if you find a flavour you like, you can buy them in bulk online which brings the price down.

Overall, I was really impressed by the range and have bought them since as I would much rather tuck into one of these than a chocolate bar. Why? Because I know it’s going to serve my body well and for longer rather than giving me a sugar rush and then a dip in energy later on.

They are also dinky enough to pop in your pocket or bag, so there’s no excuse to go hungry when you’re out and about. 

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