Doughlicious ( is an award-winning British and modern gourmet, ready-to-bake, cookie dough brand. It uses the finest ingredients and natural and unrefined sugars to produce a diverse range of delicious cookies, from the traditionally indulgent, to the gluten-free and vegan.



These cookies are always made with quality, natural ingredients (with no additives or preservatives) and never compromise on taste. The range is produced with fresh British butter, locally milled Glebe Farm oats, the finest Japanese matcha green tea, Saigon cinnamon, rich coconut sugars, Belgian dark chocolate, whole pumpkin seeds, and dates. Every bite is delicious, down to the last crumb!

Doughlicious provides the power to bake the flavours and the quantities people want, without waste, mess and without the temptation of eating too much at one time. The scrumptious spheres of raw dough are pre-sized in each pack, ready-to-bake the exact amount conveniently at home, whenever a cookie craving strikes.

The product delivers perfect, warm cookies every time: from freezer to table in just 10 minutes. The dough is easily stored in the freezer - the most natural way to preserve both nutrients and flavours – and ready-to-bake from frozen.

There are six editions in the collection: Early Bird, Envy, Crave, Nutty, Classic and Addiction. The first four are gluten-free and Early Bird is completely vegan and sweetened only with Maple Syrup.  The following three are available at Ocado:

Early Bird Pumpkin Seed Oat & Carrot (gluten-free and vegan):

A vegan and gluten-free option, this cookie is packed full of fresh carrots, flax seeds, locally milled oats, whole pumpkin seeds and dates combined with cinnamon and ginger.

Each ingredient is chosen with care, from the gluten-free oats, sourced and milled locally at Glebe Farms, to the Saigon cinnamon, renowned for its robust flavour and the fresh carrots, flash frozen to retain nutrients.

It contains no sugar, but is sweetened only with Maple Syrup so is ideal for breakfast, tea time or as a healthy snack.

Envy Matcha & White Chocolate Chip (gluten-free):

Opposites attract in the unique pairing of flavours. Earthy Japanese matcha green tea is combined with creamy, melted white chocolate chunks, local British butter, and deliciously rich coconut sugar. It’s a matcha made in heaven!

100 percent gluten-free, the cookies are made from a unique blend of oats, rice and tapioca flours.

Crave Chocolate Chip (gluten-free):

Undetectably gluten-free, this melt-in-the-mouth cookie is made with Belgian dark chocolate chips, local British butter, eggs, unrefined dark brown sugar and Madagascan vanilla.

It features Callebaut finest Belgian chocolate.  Chosen to appeal to all ages, the blend is not too dark for the younger ones, but dark enough to appeal to adult palates. 100 percent gluten-free, the cookies are made from a unique blend of oats, rice and tapioca flours.

The cookies are highly versatile and can be whipped up in minutes. They are perfect post-workout fuel served with a spoonful of almond butter and sliced banana.  They can be served on their own as a healthy after-school or at-desk snack or smothered in ice cream for indulgent, warm cookie sandwich desserts. The Envy cookie can also be eaten for breakfast.

With a variety of flavours available, the cookies are a dinner party essential, providing an ideal after dinner treat for guests, freshly baked from the oven.

Doughlicious is available in Ocado (with the Early Bird, Envy and Crave editions) and independent retailers nationwide. RRP £5.29 per 340g pack.

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