Today, the news came out that Jamaica is one of the top ethical/eco experiences and one of the UK's most popular holiday destinations.

Reach Falls

Reach Falls

Unveiled by the Jamaica Tourist Board, the list coincides with a recent report from ABTA that shows more and more holiday makers are looking for 'authentic' holiday experiences that provide tangible benefits for local communities and environments.

Jamaica's ability to offer these types of experiences is a reason why so many UK holiday makers are flocking to the island: In the last year visitor numbers have increased by more than 10%. In the last two years, by more than 29%.

The list:

  • Zimbali Retreat: A retreat-cum-farm where modern technology is infused with an ancient and natural way of life. Over 500 fruit trees produce more than 700 pieces of fruit
  • Rastafari Indigenous Village: Showcases the life, skills and experiences of the Rastafari people. Includes cultural learning, organic farming, the making of traditional crafts and lessons in music
  • Cockpit Country: The unique karst topography of this area has cave trails that meander through Jamaica's largest remaining contiguous rainforest
  • Stush in the Bush: A 15 acre organic farm where freshly made preserves, sauces, dressings, & breads are made from organic vegetables and seeds
  • Birdwatching in the Eastern Mountains & Southern Plains: Locals provide great guides to these areas, that are the best for observing Jamaica's 300 different species
  • Reach Falls: Natural cascade that is nestled in the Montane Forrest of the John Crow Mountains. Home to a variety of birds, with a nature walk along the path of the river, underground caves and swimming pools
  • Volunteering opportunities: From supporting a reading program, to helping farmers plant and harvest crops, most hotels and resorts are aligned with community programs that organise volunteer activities