Bethany Gibbons has been vegan for a while now so we caught up with her to find out if she has any words of wisdom for all those who are doing Veganuary this year.

Bethany Gibbons

Bethany Gibbons

What made you go vegan?

I had been an ethical vegetarian for years so it made more sense for me to be vegan

Was it something you had thought about for a while before you made the switch?

Yes, the health benefits were definitely an incentive alongside the ethics.

What do you eat on a typical day?

Breakfast -porridge with almond milk and maple syrup. Lunch - falafel wrap with houmous and salad. Dinner - gnocchi with a tomato-based sauce and lots of veg! I often add nutritional yeast, flaxseed or chia seeds to my meals for added nutrients.

What did you find easy and what did you find hard when making the switch?

Easiest would have to be eating healthily; I crave junk food a lot less which may be due to not consuming dairy products that contain an addictive protein called casein. Eating out used to be difficult but restaurants tend to be a lot more inclusive now, even Nando's have vegan options! The hardest thing I would say is finding make-up brands that are truly cruelty free.

What’s your go to vegan snack?

Fox's dark chocolate chunk cookies are delicious! My favourite food will always be broccoli though, level 10 vegan over here!

How did your friends react when you went vegan?

My friends fully support my decision to be vegan and occasionally bake me vegan treats which is lovely.

Have you noticed any changes in your physical health since giving up dairy and eggs?

I bloat a lot less, have more energy and my nails grow faster.

Where do you think there is the best support for vegans?

The Facebook vegan communities are great for advice and finding out about 'accidentally vegan' products. There are also festivals like Vegfest which showcase the plentiful vegan foods as well as creating opportunities to meet inspiring plant-based athletes. 

What is your advice for fellow Veganuary-ers?

1. If you make a mistake, don't beat yourself up about it as we've all been there!

2. Subscribe to vegan YouTubers; I particularly like Vegan Family TV, Vegan Geezer and Kalel.

3. If you're feeling uninspired remember that being vegan is helping the animals, the planets and your health. It will get easier and become second-nature, believe me!

Do you think it will be something you will continue doing for the rest of your life?


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