Kelly Knight has been vegan for over a year now, so to celebrate World Vegan Day, she has kindly shared her journey with us so far. 

Kelly Knight

Kelly Knight

Rather than tell you ‘how to’ I wanted to share my story, we all have our own lives, own habits, our own way of trying something new.  I hope my story inspires you.

I became vegan in October 2016, a close friend of mine told me he was going to try a vegan diet for one month in November, as a personal challenge.  We run and race as part of a local running club, he had been inspired by other athletes he followed on social media.  I initially said I wasn’t sure I could do it.  But we both began research, from a health angle initially – I began watching YouTube videos, exploring Vegan websites and meal options and then we both watched Cowspiracy – and that was what really educated my understanding on the topic on a much bigger scale – so much unknown.  There was so much going on in the world that I had disregarded and was blind to because of social norms which is understandable.  My desire to support animals ignited and I committed to a vegan plant based lifestyle.  My newfound knowledge had really influenced me on so many levels. 

It is the best decision I have ever made.  I have always been athletic and health conscious but something in my diet never really felt right, I now have nutrition knowledge and I am 100% confident in my diet and what I am putting in my body.  My body recovers better than ever after training too.  My health overall is better.  But as well as physical I feel that this topic has opened my eyes to be accommodating of others, of opinions, of the information we receive each day, understanding animals and how we view them, my love for animals has increased and the perspective of the food on my plate has changed.

I have learnt soooo much in the past year.  I have met new people, experienced new things, attended new events.  I feel positive about my health and lifestyle.  I am proud to be supporting this cause on an everyday basis and I am aware of how I am contributing.

I am also much better at cooking too, I am more experimental, I try new foods, new flavours, I really look forward to meals and people around me are also interested, they ask questions and want to try new foods too.  I feel like I have the opportunity to inspire others to a healthier way of living as well as to animal welfare.

I have learnt to be the change, be confident in your core values and actions and how you are supporting the bigger picture.  Be compassionate towards other people – it is interesting to see how little people know about veganism, farming and dairy industries and nutrition as a whole.  Be patient, share your knowledge and let others explore in their own time.  Show others how great the party is and they will attend.

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