This is a very slight book but has everything you need to set you up for Veganuary and if you choose to- beyond.

How To Go Vegan

How To Go Vegan

The book is broken down into easily digestible chapters on why to try veganism, being vegan at home, vegan out in the world and living the vegan lifestyle.

You could easily read the book in one sitting but it’s designed so you read a chapter per night if you prefer, while delving in and out of the online tools that are suggested within the text.

The author has a very easy and simple writing style, so the book is ideal for aspiring vegans both young and old. She simply lays out the facts, answers the common questions and arms you with tips and tricks to get you on your way.

Actress Evanna Lynch has written a very warm and welcoming foreword, which sets the tone for veganism as an inclusive and positive lifestyle- a theme which flows effortlessly throughout the book.

How To Go Vegan is like having a conversation with a good friend because it’s not designed to point the finger. So, if you’re coming at the vegan diet from a meat eating, vegetarian, vegan that’s fallen off the wagon or pescatarian background- it doesn’t matter. It’s not about judgement or about what has gone before as most vegans were probably meat eaters at some point in their life too.

This is a compassionate movement, so it would be hypocritical for any author to convey the opposite to readers who are only looking for understanding and kindness.

How To Go Vegan arms you with everything you need or the access to other tools for greater insight into the vegan lifestyle. It is an excellent foundation for you to build on along with other resources, experience and support, depending on how much or how little you want to immerse yourself in the lifestyle.

It doesn’t ask for a lifetime subscription to veganism, nor does it ask that you commit beyond the 31 days- more that you give it a try and see how you feel after making the most of everything that there is at your disposal.

I only wish this book had been around when I decided to go plant based as I spent hours trawling through more voluminous books, when this covers the key information in far fewer pages.

Rumour has it that the editor of this publication went vegan after reading it, and I would say that is a pretty good indicator in itself of just how good this book is!

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