There's nothing like ordering in a pizza for an at home movie night when you can't be bothered cooking or popping out to your local pizza house for a slice of nice.

Vegan pizza!

Vegan pizza!

If you thought because you were vegan- you can't enjoy the same places as everyone else- think again- because all of your fav places can veganise their pizza for you.

Keep in mind…

Most chains don't carry vegan cheese, so why not order extra toppings or sauce instead? Or pop some vegan cheese on at home when it gets delivered? (Just remember to warm the over first!)

What should I order?


The good news is the first suggestion does stock vegan cheese called Mozzarisella, which is soya, gluten, lactose, food colouring and preservative free. They have exotic toppings like, butternut squash, artichokes and fire roasted peppers too.

Pizza Express

Order the Pianta Pizza- Spinach, closed cup mushroom, pine kernels, artichoke, tomato, chilli flakes and garlic oil finished with rocket, extra virgin olive oil and fresh parsley. No cheese.


In the UK, none of the Dominos pizzas are vegan however if you are planning a trip to the US, the thin crust is vegan friendly, then top it with all the vegetables you fancy and the best news is- the garlic sauce and the BBQ sauce are vegan too so get dipping!

Pizza Hut

The Thin 'n' Crispy base is vegan as well as the regular sauce, you are unlimited with the veggies you can put on top too so go nuts!

Papa Johns

The sauce and the hand-tossed bases are vegan, so pile with veggies- ask for no cheese and as with Dominos, their garlic sauce is vegan and you can ask for the BBQ sauce on your pizza instead of tomato.


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