Joaquin Phoenix is widely known for his animal rights advocacy so today, on his birthday, we look back over his efforts to help the animals.

Joaquin Phoenix

Joaquin Phoenix

An early start- He became a vegan at the age of three when he was with his siblings on a boat, catching fish. He saw how the fish were tossed aside and left to suffocate and from then on he didn't include fish or meat in his diet.

PETA and In Defence of Animals- Phoenix is a member and spokesperson for both organisations and actively campaigns for both causes.

Earthlings- He narrated Earthlings for Nation Earth- a documentary about the investigation into animal abuse on factory farms, pet mills and animal testing for scientific research. He received the Humanitarian Award at the San Diego Film Festival in 2005 for his contribution to this.

Unity- He narrated a second documentary in 2015 called 'Unity' along with other famous vegans like Jessica Chastain and Ellen DeGeneres.

Short Film- In 2013, he starred in a short film by PETA which shows him 'drowning' as he narrates. I the short he says "In water, humans drown just as fish suffocate on land. Put yourself in their place. Try to relate." He did this in an effort to promote veganism.

International Anti-Poaching Foundation- In 2016, he supported the #Every8 campaign to end rhino poaching and support park rangers, many of whom have died while protecting the wildlife.

Prada- He once allegedly refused to wear shoes during a photo shoot with Prada because they were made out of leather.

Costumes- He is a strict vegan and reportedly refuses to wear costumes made from animal skin on set. When filming Gladiator, Quill and Walk the Line he asked for synthetic alternatives to leather for his costumes.

Chinese Dog Leather Industry- In 2015, he featured in another short for PETA voicing his concerns over the Chinese dog leather industry- he begins- 'This footage is one of the worst things I have ever seen'. He narrated the sickening footage of PETA Asia's 2014 investigation.


Exotic Skin Horrors- In 2013, he narrated some undercover footage which showed the cruelty happening behind the scenes in the exotic skins industry.

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