Serves 10-15 in a 30cm x 30cm trifle bowl

Lily Vanilli’s Show Stopping Trifle

Lily Vanilli’s Show Stopping Trifle

Preparation time: 45minutes


  • 1 x 415g can Del Monte® Fruit Cocktail in Juice (well drained)
  • 1 x 415g can Del Monte® Peach Slices in Juice (well drained)
  • Elderflower liqueur
  • Handful of fresh cherries (stalks on)
  • 100g dark chocolate, chopped
  • Edible gold dust / desiccated coconut / hundreds and thousands
  • Pink food colouring or 2tsp crushed, freeze dried raspberries (optional)
  • Vegan Sponge Cake (shop bought or homemade)
  • Soya Custard (shop bought 1 x 400g or homemade)
  • 50g margarine
  • 150g icing sugar, sifted
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • Berries & edible flowers for decoration


  1. Soak the sponge cake by pricking the surface with a fork and gently drizzling with liqueur.
  2. Prepare cherries for decoration by melting and coating in chocolate. Once set, brush with gold dust (optional)
  3. Add colouring or freeze dried raspberries to shop bought or homemade soya custard.
  4. Make your vegan buttercream by beating together margarine, sugar, vanilla and food colouring/freeze-dried raspberries.
  5. Now it’s time to assemble your trifle! Gently place the first layer of soaked sponge cake into the base of your trifle bowl.
  6. Top the cake with a layer of Del Monte® Peach Slices.
  1. Then add a layer of pink soya custard and another layer of cake.
  2. Top this with a layer of Del Monte® Fruit Cocktail.
  3. Then add a layer of pink soya custard and another layer of cake.
  4. Repeat this pattern as many times as your bowl allows, ensuring you finish with a final layer of sponge cake.
  5. Using a piping bag, pipe the top layer with the vegan buttercream with extra dabs piped in a circle around the edge of the trifle.
  6. Place your decorated cherries where you have piped your dabs and decorate with fresh berries and edible flowers, arranged in a suitably celebratory design!

This recipe has been created by London bakery owner, Lily Vanilli, to celebrate Del Monte’s 125th

Anniversary. For more recipe inspiration, please visit

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