Made in Chelsea's Lucy Watson is very open about being vegan on both social media and in interviews with the press. She recently worked with PETA to spread the message that 'feathers belong on birds not on our beds' in a bid to encourage people to buy synthetic bedding instead of down.

Lucy Watson

Lucy Watson

With that said, she has never really gone into the reasons why she made the switch- which she finally addresses in this video.

Watson is clearly passionate about veganism and admits that she 'could talk about it for hours' on her You Tube channel.

In this video, she reveals her hopes- that her explanation might help people to understand why she made the decision to free her body of animal products. She writes below her video, she would also like to see veganism become less of an 'alien topic' and more mainstream in the future- a sentiment I'm confident other vegans will share.

Here's her story…

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