August sees the arrival of a new berry fruit, an adorable little antioxidant-packed green berry for eating on the go, which brings pleasure to everyone who tries it. Here are the benefits: 

Nergi Berry Fruits

Nergi Berry Fruits

NERGI® berries are your ally in wellbeing.  These delicious bite-sized berry fruits, with their vitamins and minerals are a very healthy low-calorie fruity treat.

Pop in the mouth whole (no cutting in half, no peeling, no pips, no stones …no wet wipes).

Their juicy sweet, slightly tart taste is refreshing anytime and particularly before or after exercise.

As an energy boost, they help to combat everyday bouts of tiredness and restore your energy.

Unlike energy bars, nuts and dried fruit (which can be high in calories), a handful of this berry fruit contains 52 kcal per 100g (equivalent to 21 kcal for approx. 5 berries (41g)).

Twelve of the berry fruits = one of your 5-a-day (ie 80g fruit).

The fruits are a rich source of Vitamins C and E ( both antioxidant vitamins which help protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals - 100g contains 52.5mg of Vitamin C (65% of RNI*) and 5.28mg Vitamin E (44% RNI).

They help you meet daily fibre needs – 3.6g fibre/100g. Fibre is essential for a healthy bowel movement and because you eat the berry fruits whole, you get all the goodness.

Rich in vitamin C and rich in trace elements such as Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium and Phosphorus, these berries can be classed as a “superfruit”.

When eaten for breakfast, they provide energy throughout the whole day. When halved, they become a wonderful topping. These berries are very visually striking and unique in bowls and other healthy and vegan salads.

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Recommended retail price is £2.50 for 125g punnet (average 15 fruits), available from M & S, COSTCO, Lidl, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose, starting from 21 August through to November.

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