PETA recently found that 86% of designers aren't using fur in their 2016 autumn winter collections. The organization has sent these compassionate fashionistas vegan chocolate bunnies from Hotel Chocolat to say big 'thanks!'

Who could hurt this little guy?

Who could hurt this little guy?

The designers who refuse to work with fur include Stella McCartney, Vivienne Westwood, Christopher Raeburn, Paul Smith and Shrimps' Hannah Weiland, among many others.

"The vegan chocolate bunnies are a small thank-you to the contemporary, on-trend designers who would never harm a hair on a real bunny's head", says PETA Director Mimi Bekhechi. "By taking a stand against fur, these designers are part of the growing movement towards compassionate fashion."

PETA's motto is "animals are not ours to wear". Their recent exposes have found animals on fur farms being kept in small, faeces ridden cages. They are then drowned, beaten, electrocuted or skinned alive all for fur coats and cuffs.

Thanks to the work of PETA, the number of designers using fur dropped by 20% in 2015 and by 14% this year, despite the fur industry's PR attempts.

95% of the British public would not wear fur including celebrities such as Kate Winslet, Alexa Chung and Ellie Goulding.

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