The world of celebrity has more hot vegans than you can shake a stick at- Ellie Goulding, Natalie Portman, Jessica Chastain, Jared Leto, David Haye and Joaquin Phoenix.

Could you be the next vegan to be crowned?

Could you be the next vegan to be crowned?

PETA would like to acknowledge all those in the UK and Ireland who live and eat compassionately. As a result, they have launched their 2016 Hottest Vegan UK and Ireland contest.

This gives everyone who has made the decision to go vegan a chance to have his or her moment in the limelight.

As well as the title- the winners will each receive a one night stay in a luxury boutique hotel; La Suite West in London. This will include a vegan breakfast as well as a dinner prepared by renowned Head Chef Nik Heartland at the hotel's plant-based restaurant, RAW.

There are countless reasons to go vegan- but here are just a few: Every vegan saves approximately 100 lives every year and vegans tend to have better fitness levels that their meat eating counterparts.

Vegans help to save the planet as raising animals for human consumption is the leading cause of water consumption, pollution, damage to the land and greenhouse emissions.

According to Mintel, more and more people are turning to vegan. In fact, 20% of 18-34 year olds are now adopting a plant based diet.

"Vegans are, on average, slimmer and healthier and have more energy than their meat-eating peers - plus there's nothing sexier than compassion", says PETA Director Mimi Bekhechi. "Everyone who enters this contest is already a winner for eating delicious, healthy foods that didn't harm a hair, feather or fin on an animal's body."

Entrants must be at least 18 years of age. Vegans can enter the contest using the online form on the PETA website. The entry round ends on 29 May 2016. Two factors will be given consideration by PETA in its selection of finalists: PETA's assessment of the enthusiasm demonstrated by each qualified entrant in promoting vegan living and PETA's assessment of each qualified entrant's attractiveness. The finalists will be announced by 3 June 2016. Public voting to help PETA decide whom it will choose as the winners will begin on 3 June 2016 and end on 17 June 2016. Three factors will be given consideration by PETA in its selection of the two winners (one male and one female): the number of public votes received by each finalist, PETA's assessment of the enthusiasm demonstrated by each finalist in promoting vegan living and, of course, PETA's assessment of each finalist's attractiveness. The winners will be notified and announced on 21 June 2016.

See the full contest details on PETA's website.

Last year's winners were Anna Solaiman from Essex and Cynfelyn Nancarrow-Lei from Powys, Wales.

For more information and to enter the contest, please visit

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