BRAIN FOOD 1: Reishi Mushroom - This mighty mushroom aka the 'mushroom of immortality', although lesser known in the west has been revered in Asia for thousands of years. It's rather bitter, woody taste is usually prepared in tea or as an extract. Scientifically known as ganoderma lucidum studies have shown it to have several highly therapeutic effects on neurodegenerative disorders with its extract supporting the production of nerve growth factor, a protein vital for healthy brain function.

Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First

BRAIN FOOD 2: Beetroot - Nosh on some beets to boost your brain-power. Research (2) suggests that as well as having heart health benefits, Beets natural nitrates have been found to improve blood flow to the brain to help improve mental performance. Whether you juice them, grate them or roast them you can't beat a beet!

BRAIN FOOD 3: Coconut Oil - This highly versatile, fast metabolising fat makes great brain food not to mention the perfect bulletproof coffee - as coffee opens the blood vessels in the brain and coconut fatty acids feed the brain. It works as a natural anti-inflammatory by suppressing the cells that cause inflammation to improve memory and brain function.

Brain Food 4: Turmeric - The meteoric rise of this ancient root, is thanks to curcumin, a chemical found in turmeric making it one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory ingredients of choice. It also helps improve the brain's oxygen intake helping keep you alert and able to process information. A 2016 super spice that has a host of A list celeb devotees. Now we know why.

BRAIN FOOD 5: Rosemary - One of Rosemary's main ingredients is Carnosic acid, which helps protect the brain from neurodegeneration. It can help protect against free radicals linked to Alzheimer's, strokes and ageing of the brain. Delicious sprinkled onto sweet potato fries or roasties or infused as a tea.

BRAIN FOOD 6: Broccoli - Considered to be one of the best brain foods, thanks to crucial nutrients that help improve brain function. Vitamin K that helps strengthen cognitive abilities and Choline, found to help improve memory.

BRAIN FOOD 7: Flax Seeds - Contain a healthy fat, ALA alpha-linolenic acid that improves the cerebral cortex area of the brain which processes sensory information like taste, smell and touch. Get you daily quota by sprinkling onto salads or blending into a smoothie.

BRAIN FOOD 8: Dark Chocolate - Surprisingly, eating a portion of dark chocolate has been found to be beneficial as it's chock full of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory flavonols, that help lower blood pressure and improve blood flow to the brain and heart. No need to feel guilty, but remember the darker the chocolate the better to get the brain benefits, so select high quality cacao only, processed chocolate doesn't count.

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Indigo Herbs is passionate about empowering everyone on a journey to a healthier lifestyle by supplying the finest natural health products at affordable prices. Most of Indigo Nutrition's range is certified organic, quality assured and suitable for vegetarians.

Claire Kelly, co-founder of Indigo Herbs, said: "We are seeing a real spike in sales of brain-boosting foods such as Reishi powder. It seems that people are increasingly eating to improve the condition of their brain, as well as their body, consuming foodstuffs that act as fuel helping to aid concentration, sleep, and to make their brain as powerful as possible - enabling them to excel at school, university or at work."

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