Each 15g serving gives you 10g of readily digestible protein, which is 20% of the day's requirement for protein for the average person. Protein is vital for the body to go on and make enzymes, hormones, and it is needed by every major function of the body. Protein from pumpkin seeds is also far gentler on the system than that from animal sources due to it also containing a source of fibre, as animal protein contains zero. In the UK many people are not hitting their daily requirement for fibre, which is around 30g a day.

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds include the full spectrum of amino acids and in particular all the essential amino acids. When you provide the body with all nine of the essential amino acids, the body can then go on and make the remaining 11 amino acids. As it is the nine essential amino acids that the body cannot make and must obtain from food every single day, as the body cannot store them.

Pumpkin seeds contain valuable minerals including iron, manganese and zinc. Iron deficiency is a common worldwide problem, even in first world countries. Iron is vital to the body because it helps to deliver oxygen to the cells. Manganese is needed by the body for many things including bone structure, bone metabolism and keeping the thyroid gland functioning correctly. Zinc deficiency symptoms can include hair loss, delayed wound healing due and a lowered immune response.

The seeds are a good source of naturally occurring tryptophan, which is understood to help promote restful sleep. This is one of the essential amino acids mentioned earlier, and when consuming foods rich in it, it can cause serotonin (a feel good hormone) levels to rise. It is also needed by infants to grow normally, and plays a role in healthy brain functioning and achieving a healthy and balanced mood.

The seeds are naturally gluten, dairy and soy free. Excellent to incorporate into gluten and dairy free cooking. This makes it a perfect food to be added to those living with Coeliac Disease, and those living with gluten intolerance. Many health conditions have also been found to respond favourably to a diet that is free of all the above and so it doesn't hurt everyone from time to time, to try and incorporate more of these types of foods to see if they feel better from it. As gluten rich foods often leave a person more lethargic than those without. See if removing it from your diet goes on and improves your energy levels!

Pumpkins seeds have a very neutral, slightly nutty flavour, making them extremely versatile to use in smoothies, cereals, baking and other cooked foods. Nobody wants a product that doesn't taste good, or is too overwhelming as then you simply won't use it no matter how good the health claims are. So this is why the clean taste provided by pumpkin seeds work well in all of your regular cooking and baking. So get creative!

Pumpkin seeds are a great protein alternative for vegans and anyone else looking for an alternative to highly acidifying proteins. Vegans especially need to ensure they are getting in all the essential amino acids to meet their daily needs, as a deficiency in one of them can cause gallstones, arthritis and muscle deterioration. Even those that eat meat could be deficient also. So do try to get your protein in from a variety of sources, no matter what lifestyle you choose to follow.


Pumpkin seed protein powder is processed according to Omega Nutrition's Omegaflo process which has been developed to preserve nutritional value right through to point of use. This ensures as many nutrients as possible stay intact, due to the gentle non-heat applied processing method that Omegaflo boasts. It is also certified organic. This is a huge step the company has taken, as not only is it not cheap to obtain a certified status for customer comfort, but it genuinely means no toxic pesticides, herbicides, fungicides or insecticides have been sprayed onto the crops which have been linked to infertility and cancer.

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