As it's National Puppy Mill Awareness Day it seems appropriate to publish this video by PETA on what really goes on in puppy mills and share ten things you might not know about them.

What has he had to endure to be your pet?

What has he had to endure to be your pet?

1. Puppy mills are allegedly a well disguised secret within the pet trade industry. They supply puppies to pet stores and people who only buy purebred dogs without any thought for the millions of puppies who will die in animal shelters.

2. In many puppy mills, the animals are kept in small, dirty conditions without veterinary care and the opportunity to socialise with other dogs their age.

3. The kennels might be made from wood, wire mesh; trailer cabs and some are just chained to trees and left in the outdoors to endure every kind of weather condition.

4. Female dogs are used to produce as many puppies as they are physical able- once they reach a point when they can have no more they are auctioned off or killed. Mothers and their little ones often have to endure malnutrition, exposure and lack of professional care.

5. The exposes have found that puppies often have no bedding or protection from the elements.

6. Health conditions such as crusty, oozing eyes, ear infections, mange and abscessed feet as a result of the wire floors are among just a few that are not treat adequately to bring the dog back to health.

7. Investigators have also witnessed dogs going round and round in circles in their small cages and pacing back and forth, which is the only movement/exercise they might get in a day.

8. Puppy mills are designed to breed dogs for quantity not quality so many of the puppies have genetic defects. These can result in expensive veterinary care and frustrated animals which lead to the new owners abandoning their pet.

9. Millions of dogs and cats die in shelters every year, there is no requirement for the breeding of more. If everyone adopted rather than bought their pets from stores, there would be no need for any more puppy mills and it would put an end to the suffering of so many dogs.

10. You can help. It's as easy as ABC-Animal Birth Control. Always have your animal companions spayed or neutered and never buy from a breeder or pet shop.

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