If you’re a vegan who’s missing Muller Corner yoghurts like crazy, your craving can be a thing of the past- because you have now have your dairy free answer! Sadly, you can’t flip the side and pop the fruit on top of your yoghurt, which was always fun with the original, but it tastes just the same.

Alpro Go On Strawberry And Raspberry

Alpro Go On Strawberry And Raspberry

All the Alpro Go Ons are thick and indulgent so it doesn’t taste like you’re having just over 100 calories- but that’s the plus side of vegan living- plant based yoghurts are generally low in calories so a treat doesn’t have to fill you with guilt for days.  

It’s ideal for if you want something naughty after your evening meal without spoiling your calorie intake for the day.

I put mine with guess what? Strawberries and raspberries, so if you are struggling for inspiration over what to put with it- the flavours are a good indicator of what goes well with the creamy goodness.  

The yoghurts are a little pricey- at around 85p- however if you shop around you can get them for a bargain at just 50p when the supermarkets have special offers on. The thing that attracted me most to these yoghurts is their protein value. 7g per pot is not to be sniffed at- especially of you are worried about your daily intake. This is delicious way to add nearly a quarter to a fifth of your requirement, depending if you’re male or female.

I found the pots especially good for overnight oats. I tipped the yoghurt over some fruit and oats and let it soak in while I was asleep. As you are getting the protein from the yoghurt and the oats, it makes for a little protein powerhouse in the morning of around 11g to kick start your day.

It’s also fortified with calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B12- all of which vegans can benefit from in the absence of animal based sources.

A great addition to the Alpro range and for vegan Slimming World members- these little bad boys are only 1 and a half syns each! Wahey!  

In the words of Mrs Doyle- 'ah go on!' 

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