The Encona Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce sounded like it was right up my street- I enjoy mixing savoury and sweet flavours with my food so I was looking forward to trying it with my evening meal.  

Encona Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce

Encona Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce

The sauce was very smooth and sweet- ideal for pouring and dipping, but it's classed as ‘mild’ on the bottle and still had a real kick to it- so be mindful if you like your sauce to be gentle on the old taste buds.

Given that it packs a punch, it certainly leans more towards 'chilli' than 'mango'. I used it as a dipping sauce along with my curry as I was expecting it to taste a little like a smooth mango chutney to cool down the intensity of the sauce. Sadly it was too much for me as I’m a bit of a wuss when it comes to spice- however if you are partial to something hotter than a tikka- you might well enjoy dipping your poppadum into it on curry night.  

My partner who can tolerate more spiciness in his food- really enjoyed the sauce- however he preferred it as a salad dressing than a dipping sauce. So if you’re bored by the usual offerings on the supermarket shelf this might be something you want to try to sensationalise your salads to put with spicy rice or vegan bread chicken substitute.  

You could use it for a dip for chips or even drizzle it over your pasta salad- the sauce has many uses- but sadly I won’t be buying this one again as the spice was just too much for me. 

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