As Spring approaches, many of us will be turning to healthier snacks for that guilt-free sweet hit. Look no further than Spare Fruit, the award-winning vegan fruit crisps, that not only contain 100% fruit with nothing else added, but also use 100% surplus produce that would otherwise be wasted. They’re guilt-free in more ways than one.

Spare Fruit

Spare Fruit

Spare Fruit is the thoughtful snack producer who aims to rescue 5,000 tonnes of fruit over the next five years and raise awareness of food waste amongst 100 million people. Spare Fruit rescues the natural beauty inside fresh ugly apples and pears rejected by supermarkets and turns them into delicious snacks that are naturally healthy, vegan, low in calorie (just 64 calories in apple packs and 74 calories in pear packs) and gluten free. The delicately sliced whole fruit is slowly air dried - never fried - to transform into crunchy slices of natural goodness. Each bag contains 100% fruit - even the pips are spared - so they’re both high in fibre and vitamin-packed with absolutely nothing added.

The one ingredient snack company sources whole Kentish apples and pears to give you a naturally sweet kick. Enjoy the fruit crisps as a healthier treat or anytime snack on-the-go or liven up a bowl of yogurt or porridge with a sweet crunchy topping. For the not-so-sweet tooth, pair them with cheese, dip them in houmous or sprinkle them on salad for the ultimate savoury-sweet combination.

Following a successful crowdfunding campaign with Seedrs to exceed an investment target of £300,000, Spare Fruit has ambitious plans to expand and improve their product range of air-dried fruit crisps.

Ben Whitehead, Founder of Spare Fruit, said:

“Our aim is to create award-winning snacks that are as equally thoughtful as they are delicious. Our snacks are packed full of 100% natural fruity goodness and made from amazing British produce that would otherwise be wasted. With consumers caring more and more about the environment, provenance and of course health, now is the pear-fect time to tackle and raise awareness of food waste in a delicious way.”

Spare Fruit Fruit Crisps RRP at £1.09-£1.25 and are currently available in:, Planet Organic, Farm Drop Sourced Market, and more.

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