Every year the leather industry slaughters -Over a billion animals worldwide.

There are so many faux leather ones out there!

There are so many faux leather ones out there!

If you wear leather- It probably came from China or India. In China there are no penalties for animal abuse on farms.

As well as cattle- Other animals like dogs, cats and sheep are killed for their skin in China. In other words, you could be wearing leather made from these animals and not even know it.

In India- the animal protection laws are rarely enforced.

In India- Cows are made to march to the slaughterhouses for days on end without food or water.

The cattle that collapse- Have their tails broken and chili peppers rubbed into their eyes to make them get up and keep moving.

There is no way of telling where your leather has come from- If a product says it's 'made in the US', for instance, the company has probably sourced its raw materials from India or China.

Turning the skin into leather- Uses chemicals that are dangerous for the environment- including mineral salts, formaldehyde and derivatives of coal-tar. Without this process, your handbag would rot on your arm.

In the US- Leather often comes from cows who were used for their meat and milk. An in the dairy industry, cows are often castrated, branded and dehorned without pain relief.

Cows are highly intelligent animals- Who are capable of having fulfilling relationships and can perform complex tasks. They even mourn the loss of a friend or family member.

Inspired by an article on www.peta.org/leatherindustry/

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