Amie Cadwallader is an award winning blogger at The Curvaceous Vegan and passionate about the plant based lifestyle so we caught up with her to discuss all things animal friendly. 

Amie Cadwallader

Amie Cadwallader

Why and when did you decide to ditch meat and go vegan?

I made the transition to veganism almost three years ago this month, I decided to go vegan as I gained more of an understanding of where my food came from and also a greater understanding of the industry in general. Before I made decision to go vegan I had wanted to make the transition for a while, however at that point in time I wasn’t sure how to do it, but now that veganism is being talked about more, it is so accessible for everyone! Veganism has such a large umbrella of topics underneath it including toiletries, cleaning and food etc that it has been an incredible learning curve and having a greater understanding of where my products come from.

You are a big fan of Netflix, so which documentaries would you recommend for existing and aspiring vegans?

There are so many on Netflix right now, I watched all of them, but I would definitely recommend Vegucated, Blackfish, Cowspiracy and Forks Over Knives. They’re all very eye opening documentaries, they give real insight into not only the food industry but also animal cruelty, especially with Blackfish. The fact that there are so many documentaries about veganism honestly makes me so proud and happy!

Many vegans in the spotlight are very slight, do you think the world needs to shine a light on more curvy vegans?

I think that like with everyone, even though I am vegan everyone comes in different shapes and sizes, I come in size curvy. I’m very healthy, but I’m not going to pass up the opportunity on chocolate or salted caramel ice cream once in a while. I am curvy, I am vegan, I’m fabulous.

You have won awards for your blog- so why did you want to start writing about all things vegan and how does it feel when you are rewarded with such accolades?

I started because I wanted an outlet for myself, to share everything that I had to say and just have my own voice online. I got an award for community spirit from others within the blogging community at the bloggers blog awards and recognised for my cruelty free beauty reviews by Green Match. It’s a fabulous feeling obviously, but the most important thing to me in blogging is that I have a space where I can write and share what I love the most.

Why is it important for vegans to be vocal about their lifestyle?

It is so important because it helps people to understand what veganism really is. It opens people’s eyes to different possibilities and see that we are vegan and we eat practically the same food, just without the animal products. Being vegan the possibilities are endless.

Your blog features lots of lovely recipes, so what is your favourite sweet treat to make at home?

I personally adore making double chocolate cupcakes or brownies, my husband absolutely adores it when I bake. They’re so easy to make and they’re always full of flavour.

Your blog features reviews too- so what have you sampled lately that you can’t live without now?

For make up it would definitely the Autumn Winter collection from Gosh, their products are such good quality & a fabulous price point. In terms of skincare I’d definitely recommend Green People, their anti blemish products are heavenly.

You state on your blog that you ‘enjoy romantic walks to the fridge’- so what vegan food do you always have in there?

In my fridge we always have a steady supply of fruit, it’s something I cannot live without! Not only that I have Trek bars – the cocoa flapjack ones to be precise, Vego bars and fruit smoothies. I have a balanced fridge and would never deprive myself of a bit of chocolate ever.

You love cats, so why are they the perfect vegan companion?

Cats are honestly the world’s best pet, apart from when you’re trying to write and a certain four legged friend wants a fuss – not that I mind obviously, they’re comforting, they always make you smile and not only that they’re beyond cute.

What is next for you and The Curvaceous Vegan?

I am going to continue to work hard at my blog, continue writing and see where my blog takes me. I’m currently working on a book of vegan recipes so you never know! 

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