The CGI characters in the new movie might be able to beat the bad guy, but real turtles are much more delicate. PETA is urging parents not to rush out to buy their children a real turtle following the release of the new film this month.

Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First

Usually when a movie or TV programme is released with animals in it, people want a real version of the fictional character they've seen on the screen.

A couple of examples include the elevated sales of clownfish after Finding Nemo and owls following the Harry Potter movies.

Once people realise that these animals are a lifetime commitment- the animal they bought on impulse may be abandoned or ignored in their home.

"From abusive dealers, breeders and smugglers to guardians who have no idea how to care for an exotic animal properly, buying a turtle is a bad idea from start to finish", says PETA Director Mimi Bekhechi. "We can all be heroes to turtles by refusing to support the cruel exotic-'pet' trade."

Reptiles, including turtles are often caught in the wild, which can damage fragile ecosystems, or bred in tiny, dirty conditions in breeding mills.

The animals are also sometimes drugged and put into suitcases so they can be smuggled across borders.

Lots of these turtles don't make it to the other side and if they do their health suffers as a consequence.

Turtles are often considered low maintenance animals but they have needs just like any other creature. This includes; controlled temperatures, enough water to swim in, a large housing area and a varied diet. Many exotic animals die within a year after they are bought because these needs are ignored. If properly looked after, a turtle may live for 25 years or more, which needs serious commitment of time and resources.

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