It makes life so much easier when you can dine at a chain restaurant or cafe with your non-vegan friends and family and enjoy a bite to eat together. Here are just some of the places who now cater for vegans and what to order once you get there. 

Pianta Pizza at Pizza Express

Pianta Pizza at Pizza Express


Greens & Beans Zero Noodle Salad 

176 avg calories £4.99

miso-infused silken tofu is a great source of protein and makes the perfect addition to a light and refreshing salad. This vitamin rich dish is packed with muki beans and vegetables for plenty of crunch.


Sticky Chocolate and Praline Torte 

A dairy-free chocolate torte with a date, hazelnut & walnut base, it is deliciously vegan and served with coconut & chocolate ripple gelato.


Main meals

Aubergine & Red Lentil Tagine (ve) £9.99

Giant couscous cooked with apricots, raisins, coriander & red pepper. Topped with a Moroccan-inspired spiced stew, with flat bread and avocado dip.

Penne Arrabiata (ve) £6.99

Spicy penne arrabiata with black olives, grilled kapia pepper and watercress.

Stuffed Red Pepper (ve) £10.49

Stuffed with sweet potato, black bean & quinoa chilli, with spicy rice and sweet potato fries.


Coconut & Raspberry Rice Pudding (ve) £4.29

Slowly cooked in coconut milk, served with raspberries in sauce.

PAUL Bakery 

A freshly baked French baguette studded with beetroot, bursting with grilled peppers, onions, carrots, spinach leaves and a sweet carrot tapenade – introducing the NEW vegan sandwich, Sandwich Végétalien – the first from family-run French artisan bakery and pâtisserie PAUL (£3.90).


Vegan sharing board - A mix of chargrilled vegetables; Italian hummus, red pepper tapenade and rosemary; rocket, sun-blushed tomatoes, olives, olive oil, smoked balsamic dressing and toasted sourdough

Vegan papardelle - Papardelle pasta with a mix of chargrilled vegetables, roasted red pepper tapenade, parsley, rocket and smoked balsamic dressing

Marks and Spencers 

The Super Green

A sandwich filled with tasty edamame and minted pea filling wrapped up in a chia and linseed bread (£2.50)

Rainbow Veg

A sandwich, with roasted vegetables and avocado with pumpkin seeds in a red pepper bread (£2.50).


Super Greens and Reds Sandwich

Slices of avocado covered with our tapenade made of roasted red peppers and cherry tomatoes. We add crunchy red pepper, kalamata olives and a generous handful of spinach.

TGI Fridays

BBQ Houmous

Houmous drizzled with BBQ sauce, served with warm garlic pita and tortilla chips.

Five Roasted Vegetable Fajitas

Garlic roasted vegetables topped with pomegranate seeds, fresh pico de gallo and fired with a zesty orange & cranberry marinade. Served on a hot skillet with garlic mixed peppers and onions with a selection of dips and warm tortillas. (Ask for extra guacamole instead of sour cream and for your veggies to be cooked fresh as they're normally cooked in butter)


Houmous with PERi-Seeds

Veggie burger, wrap, or pitta - without mayo or yoghurt

Portobello mushroom and halloumi burger, wrap, or pitta - without the halloumi

Quinoa salad - ask for it without the feta cheese

Mediterranean salad - skip the feta

Spicy Mixed olives

PERi PERi nuts


Soy or Coconut Milk

Soy or coconut milk is a delicious non-dairy alternative, which can be enjoyed in any drink at Starbucks, offering vegans more choice and flavour combinations. Add a splash of coconut milk to your filter coffee or Americano for a dairy-free morning perk, or ask for soy milk in a Mocha Frappuccino.

Cold Brew

Cold Brew is the latest in cold coffee innovation and is vegan-friendly. The smooth tasting coffee can be served black or with soy or coconut milk.. Cold Brew is made through a unique brewing method with cold water that is steeped for over 20 hours, combining the best of roasting and brewing high quality beverages, as well as showcasing the passion our baristas have for coffee.

Starbucks Falafel, Quinoa and Lentil Salad

A deliciously fresh vegan salad, the sweet potato falafel combined with pomegranate kernels and wholesome quinoa makes for a truly satisfying lunch.

Starbucks Teavana range

The new Teavana range is handcrafted by Starbucks baristas using high quality teas and botanicals, offering customers a variety of unique flavour combinations including Iced Black Tea, Iced Green Tea and Iced Hibiscus Tea - a refreshing iced drink perfect for warm summer days.

Starbucks Cool Lime Refresha

Recharge with a refreshing, handcrafted Cool Lime Refresha from Starbucks. A zingy blend of citrus flavours with hints of mint and cucumber, and shaken with slices of fresh lime - this is a delicious, lower-calorie pick-me-up that's dairy free.

Yo! Sushi

Tofu Katsu Curry - Voted 'Best Vegan Curry' by PETA. Crispy tofu with mild curry sauce and steamed rice

Kaiso Gunkan - marinated seaweed with sumiso sauce, wrapped in nori

Aubergine Harusane


Gluten-Free Fruity Crumble

Pizza Express

Pianta Pizza

Spinach, closed cup mushroom, pine kernels, artichoke, tomato, chilli flakes and garlic oil finished with rocket, extra virgin olive oil and fresh parsley. No cheese


Sweet potato, chickpea & spinach curry

An award-winning dish of sweet potato, fried and tossed in a rich coconut sauce, with chickpeas and spinach.

This dish is suitable for vegans, if ordered with extra poppadums, instead of naan bread.

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