The lastest statistics show the number of vegans in the UK has more than tripled in the past 10 years. In fact the number has grown by 360%!

Treacle Bar and Kitchen in Edinburgh

Treacle Bar and Kitchen in Edinburgh

Glasgow was named the nation's most vegan-friendly city by PETA in 2013 and healthier options have been replacing tired stodgy pub meals for a number of years. Combine this with seemingly ever-increasing meat and dairy prices and it seems the natural conclusion. So here is a list of casual vegan eateries from around Scotland.

Treacle Bar and Kitchen, Edinburgh


You're spoilt for choice for eateries in Edinburgh, but Treacle's incredible veggie and vegan friendly menu keeps everyone happy. Their Asian styled dishes make a pleasant change from the predictable butternut squash and falafel. Over half the menu has been designed with a specialist diet in mind - if this is the new standard for vegetarian food in bars we're hopeful for the future.

Go for the - Treacle Vegan Miso Ramen

Stay for the - Tiki Cocktails

The 78 Bar & Café, Glasgow 


A self-styled animal friendly bar with a delicious vegan menu and lively evening events; the food available at The 78 is creative and friendly on the purse strings to boot. All accompanied by a cosy interior with a proper fireplace, comfy armchairs and real cask ale.

Go for the - Vegan Curries

Stay for the - Dubstep

Brewdog Castlegate, Aberdeen 


Already established as one of Scotland's most popular breweries, Brewdog bars exude that signature punk energy. Predominantly a beer bar the food offering isn't extensive but it's nice to see a dedicated percentage with a vegetarian and vegan diet in mind.

Go for the - Veggie Dog with Avocado Hummus

Sty for the - Board Games

Avery & Co, Dundee 


Dundee is experiencing a renaissance in dining out with new places popping up and old faces getting new looks seemingly every month. Avery & Co provides a special vegan and gluten free menu, with an interesting vegetarian selection on their À la Carte.

Go for the - Pea and Asparagus Risotto

Stay for the - Marmalade Mojito

Fire Station Creative, Fife 


Having just celebrated its one year anniversary in July, the Fire Station Creative has set out on an ambitious project to create a thriving cultural hub in the previously derelict fire station. The full menu is served until 3pm with plenty meat free options available, and there are plans to introduce an evening supper club in the near future.

Go for the - Crafty Classes

Stay for - Lunch

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