Tyrrells Poshcorn 

After some heavy overindulgence during the festive period, it’s time to wipe the slate clean and use the New Year as a chance to kick that daily selection box habit! Seeking out a lighter snack option to satisfy sweet cravings is one way to cut the calories and Tyrrells Poshcorn is the ideal sinful snack swap.  Popped to perfection at Tyrrells Court Farm, the butterfly shaped morsels offer a light and irresistible crunch.

And no it's not just fruit!

And no it's not just fruit!

For al desko snacking the Tyrrells variety multipack is the perfect ally - keep in your desk drawer to satisfy those carb cravings.  Including a variety of mini bags of Sweet & Salty and Salted popcorn, there’s a pack for both sweet or savoury moments.

A fabulous whirl of contradiction, Sweet & Salty Poshcorn is a delightful mix of flavours to excite your taste buds and banish both sweet and savoury cravings at only 62kcal per pack.

For something a little more traditional, the ever classic Tyrrells Sea Salted Poshcorn is the perfect pick me up. Deliciously light and fluffy, and only 49 kcal per pack, these salty delights are superbly seasoned for those with a more savoury tooth. 

The Tyrrells variety pack is available from Waitrose and contains six individual sized bags of Tyrrells Poshcorn. 

Skinny Lager 

SkinnyBrands Ltd has launched an exciting new lager that has all the strength and flavour of a regular bottled lager, but with at least 30 per cent fewer calories and less than 2g of sugar.

Available in Morrisons from January, it is a crisp and clean 4.0% ABV lager, created through a unique brewing process, meaning it is lower in calories – just 89 per 330ml bottle.

Full strength and full flavour, Skinny Lager offers a low calorie, low carb and sugar, gluten free and vegan friendly lager, at the same prices as other products on the market.

This innovative new launch allows dieters and those adopting a healthy lifestyle to enjoy an alcoholic drink, without worrying about the excess calories typically associated with lager. 

Skinny Lager is also suitable for those following a low carb diet, boasting just 2.97g of carbohydrate compared to 14g found in similar products on the market.

Talking about the launch, creator and co-founder, Tom Bell, says: “More people than ever are choosing to adopt a healthy lifestyle, from exercising to watching what they eat, but before Skinny there wasn’t a full strength alcohol offering that fitted into this way of life.

“Skinny Lager tastes great, looks great, has the same ABV as other lagers on the market, but has fewer calories, carbs and sugar – why wouldn’t you choose it?”

The launch is also good news for those suffering from celiac or a gluten intolerance, as Skinny Lager is also gluten free and retails at just £9 for 10 bottles. It is also available online at www.skinnybooze.co.uk  for £25.99 for a crate of 24 bottles, plus postage.

Nutritional information per 330ml bottle:

  • 4% ABV
  • 89 calories (35 per cent less than average lager)
  • 1.32g of sugar (compared to up to 11g in other lagers)
  • 2.97g of carbohydrates (compared to up to 14g in other lagers)
  • 3g of fat

Skinny Lager is perfect for those following some of the most popular weight loss regimes, containing just 3 Smart Points on WeightWatchers (one point less than Coors Light) and 4.5 Syns on Slimming World (one syn less than Coors Light).

Following on from the launch of Skinny Lager, Skinny Brands will also be producing a range of ready-to-drink cocktails, Skinny Wines, including Sauvignon, Merlot and Frizzante, as well as ciders, speciality beers and spirits throughout 2017.


wow, the first chia seed based drink in Europe, has launched in the UK and is available in major UK retailers including Ocado, Waitrose, Selfridges, Whole Foods Market, Planet Organic and Harrods. The chia seed juice comes in four flavours, each offering an exceptional combination of powerful nutritional benefits. 

wow is made by carefully cold-pressing high quality fruit and vegetables with the addition of hydrated chia seeds. This means each drink is 100% natural with no preservatives and no-added sugar, containing 33% less sugar than other drinks on the market. The drink is then HPP’d (High Pressure Processing) which preserves the nutritional goodness, keeping it raw and fresh.

Each bottle of wow contains 11.36g of chia seeds, delivering protein and fibre to increase metabolic health and reduce cravings, omega-3 which helps lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure as well as iron to ensure an extra energy boost and calcium to enhance hair, nails and skin.

Wow Food & Drinks, the company behind wow, is dedicated to pioneering and challenging the existing product market. Founded in London by two young entrepreneurs and university friends, Oliver Dickinson and Rory Paterson, the company is aiming to disrupt the drinks market through its bold approach to product innovation.  Extending the juice drinks category, they are the first company in Europe to be granted FSA approval to produce chia seed based drinks.

Wanting to inspire people to feel amazing, the company has adopted the tagline ‘Made Amazing’ encouraging people to search for ‘more’ in every aspect of their life so they can truly feel amazing, and be the best they can be.

Oliver Dickinson, Co-Founder Wow Food & Drinks commented: “Having experienced the health benefits of chia seeds first hand, we wanted to share this experience and deliver a product which makes people feel amazing.  Accessible and convenient, each bottle of wow combines the natural goodness of fruit and vegetables with the intrinsic wellbeing benefits of chia.

Available in four flavours: watermelon & pomegranate; orange, mango & carrot; apple, spinach & kiwi; and blueberry, pear & lemon, wow drinks are raw, cold pressed and made using High Pressure Processing (HPP) to deliver the natural goodness, vitamins and minerals from all ingredients.

More information on wow can be found at is www.drinkwow.com

Warburtons Toastie Pockets 

This January, Warburtons have launched a brand new product – Toastie Pockets

Simply stuff the pockets with your favourite ingredients and put straight into the toaster – et voila - the simplest and easiest way to make a toastie. 

Warburtons White and Brown Toastie Pockets launched on the 3rd January 2017 and are available to buy from all major retailers for £1.20. 

Rice Dream 

Britain drinks more than 60 billion cups of tea a year, yet the perfect cup of tea frequently divides the nation. As more and more people choose a dairy free lifestyle, creating the perfect ‘cuppa’ can be even more of a challenge. Rice Dream offers tea lovers a dairy free solution to the perfect cup of tea.

Rice Dream offers the taste and quality that you would expect from dairy milk, giving you the choice to enjoy Rice Dream as an alternative to milk. While many products may compromise taste or consistency when it comes to dairy alternative, Rice Dream retains all familiar features of milk, in a refreshing substitute. Unlike most other milk alternatives, Rice Dream has a very versatile taste so it will keep the original flavour of your drink.

Rice Dream will also be launching an on-shelf ‘try me for free’ campaign, inviting shoppers to discover the great taste of rice milk. The promotion will only be available on 120,000 packs and allows shoppers to get their money back if they don’t enjoy the taste of Rice Dream.

The Dream range includes a variety of plant-based drinks and ice cream, including oat, almond, coconut and cashew based milk alternatives.  Perfect to use in recipes or to be enjoyed in tea and coffee, just like you would enjoy dairy milk.

Things you didn’t know about Rice Dream:

  • Rice Dream is the original rice drink – first introduced more than 30 years ago.
  • Rice milk is allergy free: free from dairy, lactose, soy, gluten, wheat and nut. Rice milk offers a great taste alternative for those unable to tolerate dairy products or other milk alternatives.
  • It has no added sugars and contains only naturally occurring sugars from the rice fermentation.

Stocked at Ocado Tesco and Waitrose and RRP £1.49


MaraNatha has launched a delicious new Almond Butter. This alternative peanut spread contains only the best stone ground almonds and comes in two different textures; Velvet Smooth, which is double ground to unlock exceptional flavor, creating a unique smooth texture, and Divine Crunch, with pieces of almond running through for those that prefer a nut butter with bite. MaraNatha Almond Butter doesn’t separate meaning there is no need to stir.


As versatile as it is delicious, there are many ways to enjoy MaraNatha Almond Butter – you can spread, top, dip, spoon and enjoy. Whether added to a smoothie, spread onto apple slices or simply enjoyed on a slice of toast, MaraNatha is a source of protein and fibre and is also suitable for vegans.


David Atkinson, Managing Director, The Hain Daniels Group, Grocery said “MaraNatha Almond Butter is as delicious as it is versatile. Perfect on toast, used in baking or as a dip, it offers a tasty source of protein and fibre and is a cupboard staple whether you’re eating clean or not this January”.


Available at Tesco and Ocado, RRP £3.99


Create a new stylish tradition this January and indulge in these exquisite, hand-crafted gelato creations from Amorino – purveyors of premium gelato and sorbet. A show-stopping alternative dessert centrepiece to follow any savoury spread, Amorino’s decadent range will delight visitors as well as making the perfect gift for a gathering.


Zingy passion fruit and fruity Mango Alfonso d’India mango sorbet makes Amorino’s Ovaletto a perfect lighter option and vegan-friendly. This refreshing dessert will perfectly compliment the end of any meal.

Serves: 8 people Price: £36 Size: 11.5cm x 15cm x 16.5cm

All gelato cakes are made to order from your nearest Amorino boutique: http://www.amorino.com/en/


Linwoods’ range of super food blends provides a natural source of Omega oils, dietary fibre, vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. By sprinkling on a range of meals throughout the day - whether its breakfast cereals, salad, or hot meals – one serving can nearly double your nutrition intake. Combined with an everyday healthy diet, the range composed of 11 combinations is an easy way to increase your daily dose of nutrients and goodness.


Products include nutritious blends, such as Chia Seeds, Flaxseeds, Goji Berries, Hemp Seeds and a range of nuts – all of which can be used to sprinkle across meals from breakfast through to dinner.


Sprinkling is easy, healthy and effective:

Porridge (Oats) for example, a nation’s favorite in the morning is considered a healthy breakfast option. Despite a high level of minerals, one single portion of porridge (50g) only contains 0.05g of Fatty acid Omega 3. Essential fatty acids contribute to the maintenance of normal blood cholesterol levels and by adding two full spoon of Linwoods’ Flaxseed & Goji berries blend in your morning porridge you will gain an impressive +4.47g of Omega 3 - and it only takes two sprinkles!


Flaxseed is one of nature’s richest plant sources of Omega 3. The Linwoods Flaxseed with Bio Cultures is packed with Vitamin D, also known as the “sunlight vitamin”, essential for healthy bones. All its super food blends have been cold-milled so your body can easily absorb the nutritional benefits straight away.


Additionally, Chia seed, with its amazing nutritional offering, is the ultimate super food and one of the highest natural sources of dietary fibre. It is also a natural source of Omega 3. Hemp seed is high in protein and energy-boosting iron important for oxygen transport in the body and the formation of red blood cells.


By cold-milling the products, the omega oils found in the seeds are protected and the body is better able to absorb all the nutrients in their milled format. Each blend is also Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Low GI and have no added sugar.

Tyrrells Nibbles 

As the nation’s appetite for exciting dishes and flavours from around the world continues to thrive, the intrepid explorers from the Emporium of Tyrrells have been scouring the globe for the finest cache of exotic and mouth-wateringly moreish snacks to add to their carefully curated collection.

The new Tyrrells Nibbles collection comprises natural corn, rice, nuts and pea bites seasoned with delectable flavours from far flung places. The perfect accompaniment to an evening tipple, whether it’s a delicious craft beer, crisp glass of cold white wine or a classic G&T.

Nibbles like no other, the range explores four distinctive flavours:

  • Hoisin and Ginger Rice Crackers – Sweet yet salty Asian-style rice crackers with a pleasing crunch and the gentle warmth of ginger.
  • Thai Chilli Rice Puffs – Positively piquant puffs of fancy fried rice with a soupçon of sweetness and a building chilli heat. 
  • Wasabi Peanuts – The choicest peanuts coated in a satisfyingly crisp shell, spiked with nose-tingling wasabi, a Japanese institution.
  • Giant Salted Corn – Stupendous kernels of top-notch corn roasted till satisfyingly crunchy then simply salted.
  • Yassa Spiced Peas – Sensationally savoury spiced and roasted peas with the addictive zip of Yassa, inspired by Senegal. A nibble like no other.

The new Emporium of Tyrrells Nibbles range is available in Co-Op, WHSmith and independents, and the Hoisin and Ginger Rice Crackers in Waitrose with a RRP of £1.99 for sharing bags and £0.99 for impulse bags.

T Tox 

With celebrity fans including Ashley Olsen and Deliciously Ella, adding Matcha tea to your health regime is a must. Launched by a fitness guru with over 15 years’ experience, the T-tox Matcha tea range uses natural, high-end ingredients to create a vibrantly green tea with a sweet hint, which will help you feel great on even the busiest of days. Add it to your health-boosting arsenal for a great start to the New Year and to give you sustained energy throughout the year! Ideal for those with a healthy and active lifestyle, T-tox Matcha tea comes in three delicious and nutritious blends that complement different points during your day (on-the-go, pre-workout and post-workout). Available from http://t-tox.com/ RRP £25 40g tin.

Convenient and simple to use, T-tox Matcha teas are recommended daily in addition to a healthy and varied diet, regular exercise and of course, good quality sleep. The three blends and their all-natural ingredients are:

Matcha Health

(Japanese Matcha green tea powder, moringa powder) *

Perfect for an active day to give you sustained energy and performance improvement - no mid-afternoon slumps here!

Matcha Energise

(Japanese Matcha green tea powder, ginger powder, guarana powder, ginseng powder, gingko biloba powder)*

Good to sip on before your workout to get you in the zone

Matcha Recovery

(Japanese Matcha green tea powder, peppermint powder, nettle powder, milkthistle powder, spirulina, lavender powder) *

Aids recovery after exercise and provides the key nutrients you need

Very easy to serve, and packaged in convenient tins that you can throw in your bag or sports rucksack, T-tox teas are best enjoyed by adding half a teaspoon to 200mls of hot or ice cold water (for the ultimate in refreshment), then simply whisk until smooth and drink. The blends are versatile and also taste great when added to smoothies, lattes, cakes, cookies, muffins, pancakes and many more recipes for an extra health boost.

Find your perfect T-tox Matcha right away!

http://t-tox.com/      @t_tox (Instagram)      @JohnnyTtox (Twitter)


PHIZZ is a world first for life-lovers: a Swiss made effervescent tablet which fits perfectly into your pocket or bag to help you stay on top of your game. Combining a rehydration formula with a mix of essential vitamins and minerals, PHIZZ helps you play hard, travel fresh and work smart.

PHIZZ is one tablet which does three jobs. Electrolytes, vitamins, glucose, zinc, copper and other minerals give your body all the essentials to combat dehydration, boost your immune system and keep mental and physical fatigue at bay.

PHIZZ was created by three friends with a passion for living life to the full. They worked and played hard, travelled often and craved a one-stop solution to combat the effects of their busy lives.  Scientifically formulated to help combat dehydration, jet lag, post-gym workouts and daily vitamin intake, PHIZZ helps keep you up to speed and at your best.  

Daniel Cray, PHIZZ co-founder and Marketing Director says, “PHIZZ offers a range of wellness benefits that you won't get from any other individual product. By helping the body rapidly absorb more water, supporting the immune system and providing antioxidants PHIZZ keeps you fighting fit, clear-headed and focused throughout anything a modern lifestyle throws at you.”

PHIZZ comes in convenient and compact tubes of 10 or 20 tablets.  No fuss or mess, simply pop and drop into a glass or bottle of water and continue your day exactly as you intended. Pick up a tube of 10 for RRP £4.99 or 20 tablets for RRP £7.99 from Ocado, Amazon and select independent pharmacies.

PHIZZ is also available to ship worldwide via www.phizz.co and is an amenity item on-board Emirates flights (in First Class).

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