Whether you're a fusilli fan, have a passion for penne or are mad about mac and cheese- most pasta dishes can be transformed into a vegan friendly version- here are just a few ideas to whet your appetite.

Pasta- a vegan's best friend

Pasta- a vegan's best friend

Spaghetti Bolognaise- You can't go wrong with this family classic. You can use soya mince or even crumbled tofu to give you the same consistency as beef with a simple tomato sauce over heaps of spaghetti to wind around your fork. Top it off with a sprinkle of vegan cheese and you're good to go!

Lasagne- This is another family favourite that can easily be 'veganised'- just be sure to get lasagne sheets that are egg free and layer it with your spaghetti bolognaise sauce, the sheets and a dollop of vegan cream cheese for a thick and rich surprise layer, with dairy free cheese melted on top of course.

Arrabiata- A pasta dish with a kick- make your traditional tomato base a little more interesting with some chillies. Plus you can include some vegan chicken style pieces to add some extra protein to the dish and vegan cheese if you like. 

Carbonara- If you can lay your hands on some vegan ham- this is an easy dish to whip up with some soya-based cream, mushrooms, garlic and pasta with a little dairy free cheese on top- yummy!

Mac and Cheese- There are many different recipes for this online to get the creaminess we all crave from this dish. Some use baked butternut squash, others opt for whizzed up nuts or even some nutritional yeast for the desired cheesy flavour- it's up to you how you make it but it tastes great whatever the combination.

Pesto and Pasta- Another super easy dish- just prepare the pasta and add in some vegetables like broccoli, broad beans, green beans and peas to give you that extra green protein hit, then stir in the pesto- sorted! Or you can go with a red theme if you find yourself a red pesto and add in some red peppers and tomatoes to keep it consistent.

Pasta salad- Great both hot and cold, you can prepare the pasta and leave it to cool then stir in some vegan mayo with any combo of veggies, nuts and fruits that take your fancy. Anything goes with this dish!

Pasta bake- You can go creamy or tomato-ey with this meal- just make sure there is enough sauce to keep your pasta wet. Add in some chicken style vegan pieces or some soya mince and sprinkle on some vegan cheese for the last ten minutes in the oven- serve with some homemade vegan cheesy garlic bread and you have yourself a satisfying meal- minus the cruelty.

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