Gluten-free, pescatarian, paleo, vegan…the food fads floating about nowadays are enough to make your head spin. It’s no secret that more people than ever before are conscious about their food intake, with healthier lifestyles and cleaner diets taking top priority and consumers cutting down on their meat intake.

Beetroot, Sweet Potato and Grains Salad

Beetroot, Sweet Potato and Grains Salad

Whether you’re a hard-core vegetarian or you’re consciously adding some #MeatFreeMonday meals to your week – the demand for healthy and convenient plant-based dishes are at an all-time high. As we’re halfway through Vegetarian Week (15th-21st May), we thought we’d pick the latest veggie food trends that are leading the way in 2017. 

Sea vegetables

Last year kale become the high-flying star of Instagram, now sea based vegetables are rocking that veggie catwalk this season, from seaweed crisps to spaghetti.

Fermented veggies

Not only are fermented veggies a great way to help your gut by preserving bacteria, they’re super easy to make at home and really good for your health.


Tacos are everywhere at the moment, however do not fear vegetarians! Most places cater for veggie-based options with some even offering fish flavoured tofu for a tasty vegan-alternative taco.

Vegan fried chicken

Yup that’s right; they even make VEGAN fried chicken now. Made from seitan, a meat substitute made from wheat gluten, you never have to miss out on this comfort food if you’re not one to eat our feathered friends. Mind. Blown.

Pimped up porridge

With general health consciousness amongst all, sugary breakfasts are out and wholesome porridge has made a comeback. Unless you put Nutella in it (guilty!), then it’s pretty much the perfect way to start the day.

Hero Vegetables

Some people might still gasp in horror at the thought of a vegetarian ‘steak’, but due to demand many restaurants are dedicating dishes to the green stuff. Grilled aubergine, cauliflower and even broccoli are becoming the hero ingredient on menus. 

Waste not, want not

The ‘waste not, want not’ mantra is in full swing at the moment, with people making the most of their leftovers. Whilst you may not want to use ‘scraps’ like you’ve just been handed a ration booklet, leftover peel, ends and wonky veg can be used for various ideas such as homemade stock, condiments or pickles.

Meat-free butchers

Gone are the days when you may have struggled to find a decent veggie burger, now they’re even dedicating whole ‘butchers’ to meat substitutes.

Wonky Veg

We admit it, this trend did hit supermarkets a while ago, but now it just feels kind of wrong to buy the perfect ones. We love you no matter what size you are, vegetable.

Vegetarian delivery options

With the rise of vegetarianism in the UK, veggie food is now widely available from all delivery services, however if you would like restaurant quality food with meat-free options at the click of a button, then EatFirst could be the perfect answer to your veggie takeaway needs!

From earthy Butternut Squash Quesadillas to a protein-packed Beetroot, Sweet Potato and Grains Salad, enjoy dishes created by head chef Benn Hodges, without spending hours in the kitchen.

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