Shona shares her reasons for adopting a plant-based diet and the recipes, products and documentaries that keep her dedicated to the vegan lifestyle. 

Vegan on Female First

Vegan on Female First

Please tell us about your journey into veganism.

I certainly wasn't the healthiest of teens, so becoming vegan was a way of encouraging myself to focus on filling my body with nourishing, plant-based foods - something I'd definitely had a severe lack of over the years! At the same time, I read up on the ethics of veganism and watched several documentaries surrounding the topic, which only made me more passionate about going animal-product free.

You say you weren’t the healthiest of teens so please tell us a bit about your diet and lifestyle back then. What made you want to eat healthier after so many years of not focusing on what you were putting into your body?

I was healing my relationship with food - for once, I wanted to care about what was I was putting inside of me. Opting for a plant-based diet opened my eyes to the functional side of food – in that by filling up on wholesome fruits, veg, legumes and so on, you’re also filling up on nourishing vitamin and mineral-packed goodness! Not to mention that going vegan made me much more of an all-round compassionate person.

Which documentaries did you watch that made you determined to take this path?

Cowspiracy, Forks Over Knives and Food Inc. are great watches. Best of all they’re all available on Netflix!

What is your favourite vegan dish?

Anything sweet potato! Sweet potato curry, sweet potato fries, sweet potato brownies... Mmm..

Sweet potato brownies?! Please share the recipe!

I love all the Deliciously Ella recipes so; surprise, surprise credit goes to her! It’s on the Deliciously Ella blog as well as the app – you must check it out!

What are your go-to vegan beauty products?

Ooh, Lush is amazing for cruelty-free beauty products – I especially love their Seanik shampoo bar. I’m also an essential oil fanatic and love using them as an alternative to perfume.

What products can’t you live without in your pantry?

Nutritional yeast, oats, hummus, and of course, dark chocolate!

I’ve never used nutritional yeast in my cooking, do you have any tips and what does it taste best in?

Not only is it packed with vitamins (including B12, which is especially hard to come by on a vegan diet!), nutritional yeast is a great replica of that cheesy taste which many vegans miss! It’s particularly great for making a ‘cheese’ sauce, though I tend to add a tablespoon to most of my dinner bowls, regardless!

Easter is on the horizon so which dark chocolate will you be asking the Easter bunny for?

My favourite vegan chocolate has to be Doisy & Dam Goji & Orange, though I’ve seen Booja Booja do a dairy-free Easter egg, which – given their dreamy truffles and ice cream - I’m super keen to try!

By Shona who works at Lucy Rocks a new healthy and vegan cookie range.

The Lucy Rocks range is now available directly from and all good health stores.

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