Puppy farming is a method of mass-producing puppies, as many as a mother can physically have as fast as possible. It is unethical, highly dangerous, and horrendous for both the mother and the puppies.

The psychological trauma

The psychological trauma

And new research estimates 25% of the UK’s puppies are bred in this way. Many people choose to use puppy farms because the puppies are cheap or they have the exact breed they want. But here are ten reasons to reconsider:

Health Problems

If you get a puppy from a puppy farm, on average it will be much more likely to have health problems later in life due to the appalling conditions it was raised in.

Psychological Trauma

The psychological trauma of separating the puppy from its mother before the minimum recommended eight weeks can lead to problem behaviours such as barking and increased aggression, as well as separation anxiety and attachment disorder.

Extra Care Training Them

Puppies from puppy farms tend to be tougher to train due to their trauma, sometimes having had no contact with people at all until they’re sold.

Monetary Cost Of Health Problems

Many puppies from puppy farms will incur massive vet bills over the course of their lives due to health complications such as Parvovirus which can cost up to four thousand pounds to treat.

Emotional Cost Of Dogs Dying Younger

Unfortunately, many dogs from puppy farms do die younger, so you’d have to say goodbye to your friend much earlier.

Living Conditions

The conditions the puppies are kept in are often unliveable, they are not cleaned, fed, or looked after. They are kept in cages, crowded pens, or crammed into any space they’ll fit into.

The Stress The Puppies Go Through In Transport

Once the breeders have found a buyer or a place to sell the puppies, they’ll be herded into a car and driven wherever they need to go, often never being let out or given the care they need. Often breeders take more dogs than they need in case some don’t survive the trip.

Dogs That Don’t Sell Go To Shelters, If They’re Lucky

Many people are only interested in a certain breed they’ve had their heart set on, and this is how puppy farms thrive. A breed shown in a new movie or tv show will blow up in demand, and the puppy farmers cash in. And any that don’t sell are abandoned.

Not Adopting A Dog That Needs Care

Many people don’t know it can be just as easy to adopt a dog. Some dogs need urgent care, dogs that are blind or deaf are unlikely to be adopted by families but will still love you just as much. You’ll be saving a dog and giving it a loving home, that’s a win win!

Funding Crime/Allowing The Cycle To Continue

The most important message to take away from this is that if you buy a puppy from a puppy farm, even if you don’t know, you’re helping this cruel practice to continue.

To avoid buying from a puppy farm, always demand to see the dog’s mother, and where it was raised. If you have a bad feeling, walk away, and consider adopting a dog from your local shelter.

For more information, visit http://www.gocompare.com/puppy-farming

By Jack Terry from Independent Media News http://www.imncontent.com/

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