Everyone knows you can't be a vegan without telling everyone about it; it's the common joke between non-vegans, but also the truth known by vegans. We may come across as a bit pushy about the subject, but there's many important reasons why vegans should continue to spread the message.

Adam Stansbury

Adam Stansbury

To Reduce Suffering.

My number one reason for turning vegan myself was to do my little bit towards reducing suffering in this world. With every new person looking to reduce their animal product consumption, comes a reduction in suffering, and this for me is the first & foremost reason for spreading the message.

The Animals Need a Voice.

The ones who are confined to cages, the ones who didn't choose or ask for this life, the ones who never did anything to hurt or confine human beings to slaughter and execution. They need our voices, and we owe it to them.

The Environment Needs You.

Mother Nature is currently leaving all kinds of very obvious suggestions that we need to pay attention to, but she needs our voices to translate and spread the information she is trying to tell us. It's in our benefit! The reality is that the earth will keep on going for millions of years to come, but we will destroy our existence if we don't speak up now.

You Might Save Someone's Life.

There's much anecdotal and scientific information coming out now to suggest that a plant based diet has many healing benefits and has cured a number of modern "lifestyle" diseases. In fact, most of the modern diseases currently killing us are reversible using plant based foods as medicine. Somebody, somewhere might just benefit from your vegan viewpoint - it could save their life.

Sharing and Education.

When something is not mainstream there exists the usual confusion and fear surrounding something that is new and different, so the more we share our experiences and educate others how they can make the change, we reduce the existing limiting factors towards entering this lifestyle.

Create Awareness.

By being vocal about your thoughts and beliefs you create awareness, discussion and debate. People may not immediately warm to your ideals, but if you can vocalise your passion and compassion then you just might sow seeds that will grow inside others further down the line.

Offer a Fresh Perspective.

Asking why and questioning the current system is your right as a human being. Many of our modern reasons for eating meat come from traditions and social programming, and maybe you don't have to live like that, maybe there is an alternative – you have the choice.

Make it More Inclusive.

The more we talk about the vegan plant-based movement, the more mainstream it becomes and the easier and safer people will feel in exploring the lifestyle. No one likes to be the first, so be the first and give others the encouragement to follow in your footsteps.

Help and Support Others Journeys.

Like anything new it can feel daunting and difficult, especially with food as we struggle to fit it into our lifestyle or we may have to change our lifestyle to fit around it. What we all need is the support and help of others who have made the transition successfully. Not asking for help in my experience, is one of the biggest floors in human beings.

You're a Vegan, it's Your Duty to Tell Everyone!

Yes you've made the change but it doesn't stop there, once you have embedded this new way of eating in your life, it is now your duty to pass on this information, we owe it to Mother Nature.

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