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Weddings on Female First

Weddings on Female First

Hen dos are amazing; they’re a time for celebration with some of your favourite people in the lead up to your big day. Often, they are full of fun activities, drunken antics and hilarious costumes, but to ensure you have the best time you’ll want to make sure the seven following guests are in attendance of your hen for maximum celebratory festivities.

The Adventurous One

There is nothing like a guest jumping head-first into all the activities you have planned for the weekend and your adventurous friend will certainly not disappoint in this area. She’ll likely have you left feeling exhausted, but she’ll be so happy and egg everyone else on so much that you won’t even care.

The Comedian

No party is complete without a comedian who will fill any silent gaps with jokes, entertaining the group to no end. Prepare to laugh hysterically for the whole weekend should you choose to invite her along with you.

The Confident One

Let’s be honest, no night is complete without some gossip about a friend of yours getting off with some random man in the club and the confident friend will certainly either help this happen or, if they’re single, be the one partaking.

It’s not all about potential new hook ups though; the confident one will have no problem undertaking dares in front of a crowd, they’ll introduce your group to others and help you make new friends, and they won’t be afraid to try and nab you some freebies or upgrades along the way.

The Happy Snapper

If you want a great deal of different pictures taken on your hen do, make sure you invite someone who you know always has their phone in their hand and is always snapping selfies and photos of others. You might not want these on social media, but they’re great to look back at afterwards – especially when they’re taken candidly of the group or they’re moments that you may not remember afterwards.

The Organised One

It’s all well and good going into your hen do primarily thinking about who would be best to invite should you want the best girls break possible, but if you aren’t an organised person yourself it’s important to try and invite at least one person who can orchestrate the group, keep everyone on track and ensure that no activities or deadlines are missed, before and during the hen do.

Unfortunately, the organised one is usually the least popular in the group, often coming across as a bit of a nag as they try and ensure everyone is listening to the directions to the next activity or try to collect hen do money from those less responsible.

They are, however, an essential part of any hen do, becoming the centre point for those indecisive guests that want a plan of action and lots of fun ventures on the agenda.

The Party Animal

When you think of an entertaining hen do, your mind will instantly go to your party animal friend. You have to invite them because you just know they’ll liven up the weekend with rowdy, ridiculous scenarios.

They can go too far, with the possibility of getting too drunk or even trying to encourage others to do something outside of their comfort zone, but with them in tow you know you’ll have some great stories to tell.

The Relative

Unless you’re planning to have multiple hen dos catering to the different groups of people in your life, you can’t have a hen do without at least some of your family members there and, although it may seem weird getting drunk with your mum or sister at first, they will likely be just as drunk and entertaining as the rest of the party.

We’re obviously not suggesting that you invite people you don’t necessarily want on your hen do, simply because they fall into one of these categories, but if you have close ones who cover off most of this list then you’re going to be in for a great, memorable hen do that will have you all laughing and reminiscing for years to come.

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