Written by Richard Conway, Childcare.co.uk founder

Parents don’t need to sort a babysitter/childminder

Parents don’t need to sort a babysitter/childminder

One of the top reasons couples want a wedding creche at their big day is so guests that are parents can relax and enjoy the wedding, without having to worry about their children. It gives them a chance to let go of parental responsibilities whilst the children are being well-looked after, and fully involve themselves in the day.

Another big reason is that parents don’t need to sort a babysitter/childminder, which saves them money, especially when an overnight stay is involved. Parents also don’t need to worry about their children becoming agitated whilst they’re away – peace of mind is priceless!

Wedding creches are also better for children because there are lots of activities for them to do to keep them entertained. At a standard wedding it’s difficult to know what to do with kids – do you let them run around and do their own thing, or try to keep them by your side at all times? It helps children stay calm, active and stimulated, the last thing you want at a wedding is an agitated, bored child.

I think we can all agree that the most important thing at a wedding is the Bride and the Groom, so making sure their day is as stress free as possible is a must. Wedding creches provide a great way to look after children, without putting pressure or stress on the Bride, Groom or guests.

Some parents are hesitant to leave their children at home for a long period of time with a childcarer. This means that for some family members and friends, your wedding may not be possible if they can’t bring their children, especially babies.

One thing I’ve heard from lots of parents is that they still want their families’ and friends’ children to be a part of their big day, but also be in a safe and controlled environment. The last thing couples and parents want to be worrying about is whether their child is wandering off, or going to scream half way through the nuptials!

Wedding Creches also help children deal with the length of the day, as we all know, they can be very long. If a child’s normal bed time is 7pm, you shouldn’t expect them to be well behaved anything past that time, as it’s breaking their routine and they’ll undoubtedly be tired.

Wedding Creches are a new trend which has taken off in recent years, and I understand why. From the parents I’ve worked with, these are the biggest reasons on why they choose to have a creche at their wedding, and for couples who are unsure on whether they need it - I would always recommend exploring the idea. Making sure your whole family is at your wedding is extremely important, so why not make it easier and more relaxed for everybody

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