It seems that Brits spend a lot more time than previously thought working on their relationships in their cars.

Relationships Are Improved In The Car

Relationships Are Improved In The Car

A massive 1.9 million Brits have been proposed to whilst sitting behind the wheel and 31 per cent of Brits admitted that they will talk about their future whilst being in the car.

The reason for Brits feeling they can approach relationship issues in the car is due to the lack of eye contact making the conversations easier.

The key topics to discuss in the car were relationships and friendships with 37 per cent, followed by family concerns and then finances.

Unfortunately it’s not all fun and games as a huge 2.3 million Brits have been dumped by their partner in the car.

Conversations that are likely to cause tension between a couple when in the car are holidays, bills and living arrangements so best to steer clear of those topics!

A typically British 18 per cent of women have said that it’s not only their love lives that they like to address when in the car; they’ll also have a good gossip about friends and families love lives too.

Not only are cars a good place for gossip but it appears that advice is also being given in the cars of Britain.

A massive 3 million mothers will come to the rescue and give their teen relationship advice and console them through their heartache in the car.

Neil Brettell of Allianz Your Cover Insurance, who conducted the survey, said, “Our report found that one in four believes that the time they spend in cars with others brings them closer together. These findings mean that the conversations drivers have in the car really do steer the direction of their love lives.

“Drivers like to make use of the time they have when driving to catch-up with their nearest and dearest and talk about future plans.

“Forty per cent of motorists feel confident when holding conversations in the car which may be why so many decisions and important plans are discussed behind the wheel. However, we’d always encourage drivers to put safety first and not let their in-car conversations distract them from driving safely.”