Today is National Mad Hatter Day so we thought we would share some ideas for an Alice In Wonderland themed wedding if you want to go for something different on your big day. 

Host a Mad Hatter's tea party instead of a wedding breakfast!

Host a Mad Hatter's tea party instead of a wedding breakfast!

Tea Cups- Tea cups can be inexpensive if you're not worried about them matching- so why not hit the local charity shop and stock up? You could put cupcakes in them, stack them for centre pieces or even use them as vases for your flowers.

'Eat me' and 'drink me' tags- An obvious one for favours and appetisers- you could add a tag reading 'eat me' to an edible favour or if you want to get your guests drunk- 'drink me' a little bottle of tipple or cordial for the kids. You could serve cupcakes instead of a traditional cake and ask for the message to be piped on to save on the cost of the tags.

A pocket watch- The rabbit had a pocket watch so this could be your jewel on your bouquet, or something to accent your husband-to-be's suit. Another option is to you seek out some cheap clocks and use them to decorate your wedding reception. The charity shops beckon again! 

Tea party- Instead of a traditional wedding breakfast, you could feed your guests an afternoon tea, with cakes, little sandwiches and of course- lots of tea.

A long table- If you want to recreate the famous scene from the movie there's always the option of finding a location that has a hall big enough to fit a long table. Another idea is to have it outside if you have a lot of guests. The bride and groom would have to sit at the head of the table- it's a given.

Playing cards- These can be used as your invitations, save the dates or even as place names.

Mirrors- Again, you can grab a bargain at a second hand shop if you want to place a few of these around the venue.

A Mad Hatter cake- A hat is the perfect shape for a single wedding cake and a clever way to include one of the main characters.

Roses- If you're going to have any type of flower, roses seem the natural choice- and be kind to the wedding party- buy red ones so they don't have to paint them.

Colour scheme- You could run with a baby blue to reflect the colour Alice's dress or even black, white and red to represent the cards, the queen and the roses.

Topiary- Depending on your budget- some well-maintained mini hedges would look just like the Queen of Hearts' garden.

Blue shoes- If you're not brave enough to have a blue wedding dress- you can always wear a pair of baby blue shoes, which can double up as your something blue.

Cups and Saucers- Why not take your guests for a thrill ride after the ceremony with a ride on the teacups? Very fitting!

Sweet cart- If you decide to offer your guests a sweet treat, perhaps something heart shaped would befit the theme.

Flamingos and cats- There's scope here to accent your venue with ornaments, get people to dress up in a photo booth or even include the vivid pinks of these iconic characters in your colour theme.

Giant chess- You could choose a venue that has one of these already or hire one out for your big day. If you can't find either- another option would be to put the normal sized version on the tables to entertain your guests.

Croquet- Why not go all out and have a game of croquet for your guests? It's very unlikely it's been done before by someone in your circle of friends and family!

Signs- If your venue is big- your guests might benefit from some indication of where to go for what- which is the perfect excuse for a higgledy piggeldy wooden sign.

Table names- Call each of your tables after one of the characters and your guests won't forget where they're meant to go once they've looked at the seating plan.

Keys- Give each guest a key along with a tag for them to write their well wishes and then hang them off a wedding tree decoration.

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