Georgina Francis was nicknamed ‘Britain’s Biggest Bridezilla’ by the UK press after having 99 wedding rehearsals around the world to ensure her big budget wedding really IS the best day of her life.

Anna Morris by Rose Collins

Anna Morris by Rose Collins

Georgina is having her 100th and final wedding rehearsal in front of 400 people at the Underbelly on 20th May and you are invited.

Georgina explains why she thinks it’s ok to expect perfection on your wedding day.

Like every woman, I’ve been planning my wedding since being in the womb. This year, I’ve finally achieved my major life goal and will be marrying Conservative Politician, Simon Hamilton. After turning down 645 venues (including The Vatican and the Taj Mahal), we settled upon the perfect venue for our huge number of VIP guests: Wembley Arena.

When I released my YouTube wedding blogs, documenting the lead up to my big day, they went viral (obviously) and the UK press were quick to call me Britain’s Biggest Bridezilla. Yes my budget is in excess of £1 million, I’ve tried on hundreds of dresses, auditioned my bridesmaids, sacked three best men and organised my fiancés stag night - but wouldn’t YOU if you were planning THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE?

Maybe YOU too have been called a Bridezilla just for striving for perfection. Let the haters hate – they are just jealous because they are probably single, ugly or divorced!

I like to think of a wedding day as a film production. YOU are the leading lady. No-one cares about the Groom or what he’s wearing. It’s essential that you create a five star film – you are the Director, the Producer, and the star of the show.

So yes you should make sure it’s the best it can be, even if that means quitting your job to hire an office and 50 staff to work on it, losing friends because you think their plus-ones are too ugly to attend, putting your bridesmaids on a pregnancy ban and spending £10,000 on cosmetic surgery to ensure you photograph well.

You’re also entitled to as many wedding rehearsals as possible, even if everyone tells you that’s excessive. What if something goes wrong on the day? You shouldn’t just have one chance to get it right. You should have as many as possible!

You are probably not as important as me so you won’t need 100, but you will need at least 10.

I’ve had 99 wedding rehearsals around the world so far because I’m an icon to women everywhere. I really do have it all. I’m engaged before 30, I’m facially blessed, I’ve never eaten a chip and I’ve got no sweat glands.

I’ve got one last chance to get it right. I’ll be having my 100th and final wedding rehearsal on Saturday 20th May at the Underbelly Festival, London and YOU are invited.

Nothing will get in the way, of MY perfect day.

Don’t. Be. Late!


Anna Morris: It’s Got to be Perfect

Underbelly Festival, Belvedere Rd, Lambeth, London SE1 8XX

Saturday 20th May – 7.45pm (1 hour)

Price: From £12.50

Group bookings: Tickets £10 each if 6+ people