Relationship expert Rachel MacLynn writes exclusively for Female First with some advice on what to say when you are asked the dreaded 'single' question at a wedding!

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I know that even the anticipation of being asked “Are you seeing someone?" or “Which one's your hubby?" can lead to a lot of anxiety amongst singletons. Relationships and dating are hot topics at a wedding, so be prepared for the inevitable. But remember that most people are asking because they are genuinely interested or just making polite conversation.

As with anything it's often not what you say but how you say it, so be prepared. Here are some suggested responses to have in your arsenal!

1.       “Oh, I've been kissing frogs but not found the prince just yet.  Do you have any friends with prince-like qualities?”

Keeping the conversation light will disguise any feelings of anxiety and use the question as an opportunity to get some matchmaking done. You’d be surprised how many people have amazing single friends but don’t think about introducing them until they are asked.

2.       “I'm taking my time with dating - I want to settle down not settle”.

Remember to be confident and direct in your answer but not defensive OR apologetic - remember you have nothing to be sorry for. Without over thinking it, aim for an even tone in your voice, keep eye contact. Having what you're going to say prepared will help.

3.       “Oh no I left him in the car”

Using humour is a great way to defuse any awkwardness…if it doesn’t just head to the car park and don’t come back!

4.       A nonchalant “Oh daarrrling I’m single” Be carefree and they won’t care less.

5.       “Gosh between my career and social life, I don’t know how anyone has the time for a partner!”

The grass is always greener, so they’ll be green with envy.

6.       “I have a few chasing me at the moment, which is fun but I’m holding out for Mr Perfect.”

You have set the bar! You are single out of choice, not because you don’t have any options!

7.       “You know what – I’m loving being single at the moment. Summer is the best time of year to see friends and fill my diary with lots of fun parties. I might think about a boyfriend when the winter months kick in!”

Take charge. This gives a very strong message that you are in control. When you want to find a man, you will. Simple.

8.       “Well I couldn’t find a man to go with my outfit and it’s important not to clash.”

This will not only make them laugh, but also turn the conversation onto your gorgeous outfit.

9.       Ashton is just a bit busy with work at the moment.” Another humorous response to get the conversation moving onto another topic.

10.   “I’m not dating. What about you? How is everything going with George?”

This is a simple honest answer, with no risk of awkwardness because the conversation is turned straight back onto them.  Part of the reason the 'are you single' question can be such an uncomfortable one is because the focus is entirely on you.

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