Most brides walk up the aisle, take their vows and head off on honeymoon oblivious to most of what went on leading up to, and at, their own wedding. Now there’s a way to put that right, all through a new app that allows you to see your wedding through the eyes of your friends and family and capture precious behind-the-scenes insights.  But what’s the advantage? Well, here are 10 good reasons.

You can see all the elements you spent hours putting into place

You can see all the elements you spent hours putting into place

You can gain a completely unique perspective on your day, seeing things beyond the scope of the normal wedding video and at a different tier, whether that’s lovely comments about the dress, the flowers, the cake, the food or so much more.

You instantly involve and engage your guests in your wedding day, as all have an important part to play in producing the final ‘cut’ of your video. That will instantly see your guests interacting and bonding, particularly as all video clips will be shared instantly, as soon as taken and uploaded.

You can see all those elements of the wedding that you spent days putting into place, but which you might not otherwise notice, due to nerves and focusing on the vows rather than the violas or violins!  After all, you did it all to impress, so you will discover if you achieved your objective.

You can see the excitement of your bridesmaids and how they feel about their important role in your big day, whether that’s their thrill at putting on the frilly dress, or their big moment when they arrive at the venue.

You can gain an understanding of the emotion of your parents, capturing precious words on camera that you might not otherwise have time to hear, or which they might feel embarrassed or fearful to express face to face, for fear of making your mascara run.

You can see the effort that the older generation of your family go to, to get to the church or wedding venue on time, despite any illnesses or ailments. That will be a precious memory in years to come.

You can view all the funny little things that happen to your guests en route to the wedding – a kind of ‘it really shouldn’t happen to a wedding guest’ insight, whether that’s about weather, traffic or other tales of the unexpected.

You could learn exactly why some of your girlfriends looked so good when they arrived at church, which fashion brands they plumped for, who did their make-up and hair and which fashion disasters they wish they’d avoided!

You can include members of your family and friends overseas, or unable to come to the wedding, in your Weddr video, learning how they reacted to the live video clips uploaded during your big day, if they film themselves responding to what’s being filmed by guests able to attend the wedding.

You can throw an absolutely fabulous after-party once you return from your honeymoon, watching back the video with all who contributed to it!  Now that sounds like a good excuse for more Prosecco and nibbles!

All of the above are possible with the unique Weddr app, which allows your guests to be the production crew compiling the video backstory of your big day, by taking their own video clips, sharing them live and contributing them to the Weddr video pool!  Head to to buy your Weddr package and ensure you see behind the scenes of your wedding day.