Candles make the perfect wedding day accessory and can add style, colour and scent to a variety of different aspects of your wedding day. There is a diverse range of wedding candles on the market right now so we have come up with a helpful guide on how candles can be used for a variety of purposes on people’s special day:

For table decorations

For table decorations

Use candles as table decorations- finding sophisticated and unique table decorations can be solved with glass pillar candles which embody that elegant feel.

A gift from the guests to the bride and groom- why not try our signature ‘Wedding Day’ Candle which is a sophisticated and soothing blend of florals and subtle fruits, a perfect gift for the happy couple.

Symbol of matrimony and unity- the newlyweds might light a candle together when they are announced as officially married as a symbol of their bond.

Dressing the aisle- line the aisle with scented tea light candles as the beautiful bride walks to the alter in style!

Present from the groom to the bride- treat the soon-to-be bride to a lovely candle on the morning of her wedding as a lovely romantic gesture.

Decorating the venue especially a marque or garden—as the sun begins to set light the paths to the venue with candles or even hang up lanterns filled with candles.

Match the theme of the wedding There is a colour and scent for every theme for that extra personal touch!

Wedding favours especially as a present to the bridal party. Pastels are set to be a popular colour choice for bridesmaids this year, how about a candle to match the dresses or floral fragrances to match bouquets.

Decorate the toilets- keep the toilets sweet smelling all night long with our lovely floral scented candles.

Designing the honeymoon suite -  dress the room with candles for a romantic start to your honeymoon.

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