Alexandra Paul and Ian Murray celebrate their 17th wedding anniversary today so we bring you ten facts about them as a couple. 

Alexandra Paul and Ian Murray (Credit: Famous)

Alexandra Paul and Ian Murray (Credit: Famous)

1. The couple met five years before they tied the knot.

2. They met at a triathlon.

3. Paul has been vegetarian since she was 14 and vegan since 2010.

4. Consequently, in their September wedding, the couples sent out their invitations on hemp.

5. Paul's gown was specifically made with no silk.

6. The the food at their wedding was meat free.

7. The pair made their rings from panned-gold.

8. The guests were asked not to bring wedding gifts to reduce their consumption of natural resources.

9. Paul's identical twin sister Caroline and Murray's brother Chris performed at the ceremony.

10. When they honeymooned, they swam in the ocean.

11. Then they did a triathlon in Malibu the following day.

12. Murray appeared in the infomercial, hosted by his wife Alexandra Paul, for "NuriSkin Naturals" skin care system.

Happy Wedding Anniversary Alexandra and Ian!

Source: Wikipedia and IMDB. 

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