Close married executive and venture capitalist Evans Shaw on the 3rd February 2006 in Maine, at Shaw's private beach-front residence. It was Close's third marriage; she was previously married to guitarist and songwriter Cabot White and businessman James Marlas and engaged to Steve Beers in 1995. It was Shaw's second marriage.

Glenn Close and David Shaw (Credit: Famous)

Glenn Close and David Shaw (Credit: Famous)

The pair lived together between Shaw’s beachfront property in Scarborough, Maine and New York City.

In May 2005, the couple bought a penthouse apartment on the upper floor of Beresford that was supposedly previously owned by Rock Hudson. This is no ordinary apartment- it has two Balcones, an elevator to themselves, two bedrooms and an upstairs study. It is supposed to be worth $6 million and overlooks Central Park and The Museum of Natural History. (New York Times)

When asked about love she said; 'Love makes no sense at all. But it's the most powerful and amazing force in the entire universe.' (IMDB)

"Too many women define themselves in terms of a man. Look at me. In my marriages, I was like an amoeba. Part of the problem is that men blossom under the nurturing of a good woman, while women don't often get that benefit from a man. I think of men and women as two different species. Katherine Hepburn said they should live next door and visit each other once in a while. Not a bad idea."  Source: "People Magazine", 12-28-1987

Evans Shaw and Close divorced in August 2015. 


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