Rick Schroder and Andrea Bernard would have celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary today so we take a look back over their time as man and wife. 

Rick Schroder and Andrea Bernard (Credit: Famous)

Rick Schroder and Andrea Bernard (Credit: Famous)

1. Actor Schroder met interior designer Andrea Bernard when she was just 17 back in 1991.

2. He was filming the television movie Blood River in Canada at the time. 

3. The couple later married on 26th September 1992.

4. Together they designed their Colorado ranch in the summer of 1998.

5. They put it up for sale in June 2005 and subsequently bought a 21 acre ranch in Topanga, California.

6. The pair now have four children together; Holden Richard (named after William Holden who Rick co-starred in The Earthling with), Luke William, Cambrie and Faith Anne.

7. On September 13, 2016 it was announced that Andrea had filed for divorce weeks before their 24th anniversary.

Source: Wikipedia and IMDB. 

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