Stallone married model Flavin in 1997 and they now have three daughters together; Sophia, Sistene and Scarlett.

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin (Credit: Famous)

Sylvester Stallone and Jennifer Flavin (Credit: Famous)

They first met in a restaurant in Beverly Hills and they waited nine years to get married in a civil ceremony in The Dorchester Hotel in London. This was followed by a chapel ceremony at Blenheim Place in Oxford. They now live together in the Los Angeles neighbourhood of Beverly Crest with their daughters.

In 1994, Stallone supposedly broke up with Falvin via a 'Dear John' letter that he sent to her by FedEx. They managed to settle their differences and get back together a year later and got married two years after that. (IMDB)

He now has nothing but kind words for his marriage to Flavin: ' It's been a fantastic revival of my life. As you know, my first marriage didn't go so well, though I have a relationship with my sons, but this marriage has been a second beginning. I used to think my career was number one, so I was gone nine months out of a year, but I learned the hard way that the most important thing is that you start at home and then comes the career. ' (IMDB)

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