Let’s be honest. Stiletto heels aren’t for everyone. For brides-to-be who aren’t used to strutting in five-inch heels on a daily basis, the idea of mastering the ultimate catwalk (i.e. a petal strewn aisle) can be incredibly daunting.

They're made for dancing

They're made for dancing

After dress shopping, choosing the right pair of wedding shoes is the next important purchase for any newly engaged woman. And for those of us who definitely prefer comfort over teetering height, the idea of wearing white satin heels to dance the night away just couldn’t feel more agonizing. Thanks to Kitty Clogs Sweden, brides across the UK can relax in the knowledge that they never have to don a pair of pastel coloured pumps. Sacha Schwartz, the young designer behind the edgy new clog brand, gives us ten reasons why her new clog collection is the perfect choice for any bride, bohemian or otherwise.

Bohemian Brides. Who said you can’t have comfort and earthy chic style on your wedding day? You’re already going to be wearing a big white dress, why not make things a little easier on yourself and buckle on some handmade Swedish clogs to give your urban wedding a bespoke boho twist.

Made for dancing. Stilettos were never designed to be dancing shoes. These beauties have 1am dance-off written all over them. Designs feature several different heights, so you can choose the height that makes you stand out (and still be comfortable dropping those moves).

Shiny AND sustainable. The gorgeous shiny designs in our new Bride collection are all about showing off your unique urban style. These clogs are made by hand in a woodland workshop in southern Sweden. They’re romantic and sustainable!

Steer clear of sinking! No need to worry about your heels digging into the grass during your post-ceremony champagne reception. Massive bonus.

Comfort always wins. You might have fallen for a pair of sky-high diamante heels, but don’t forget you’re going to have to walk down the aisle in them, wear them for photos (cue sinking into the grass), and dance the night away. Give your feet a treat. You’ll still get the wow factor without tottering around in agony for hours.

Beach wedding heros. Give your pegs a bit of a glimmer with a copper colored pair of clogs. Perfect for ceremonies in the sand.

Cool Swedish vibes. You’ll be channeling Swedish vibes with a super chic edge - the perfect compliment to a floaty white dress. And if your dress is on the shorter side - you’ll get the added bonus of being able to show off your shimmering handmade clogs.

All-day wearers. On your wedding day, you might be on your feet for 12 hours even before the night of dancing begins! And white flip-flops just aren’t going to do that beautiful dress justice. A metallic pair of clogs will see you through brunch, the big day and a night of dancing.

Love them ‘til death do you part. You’ll want to wear a pair of these beauties again and again. And guess what? You can. These distinctive clogs work perfectly with a summer dress. Or slip on a pair of colourful socks and you can even wear them through winter.

Honeymoon wardrobe. These beauties are the only pair of sandals/evening shoes you’ll need throughout your honeymoon! A pair of silver clogs definitely says ‘I do’.

Shop the Bride collection from Kitty Clogs Sweden.


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