We think we have weddings all sussed out and can predict what the majority want for their big day. As it turns out we are all clouded by what's gone before. 77 Diamonds have revealed the most common misconceptions about weddings- are you surprised?

Are you shocked by these findings?

Are you shocked by these findings?

The proposal- Many men believe that their partner would like a proposal that involves a flash mob and all of their family and friends. They also think that popping the question in public space with lots of people looking on is what they've always dreamed of.

Nearly half of women would prefer to be asked somewhere quiet or even be proposed to at home so they can have some privacy.

The importance of sex- People might assume that younger couples place more important on sex than older couples, however people aged 55 and over consider sex to be one of the most important things to maintaining a long and happy marriage. Only 10% of younger couples aged between 16-24 think the same.

Traditional Weddings- It's thought that all women yearn for at traditional wedding with a veil and church and lots of guests to witness their vows. In actual fact, 55% of women would prefer a small, civil ceremony with only close friends and family.

The Ring- Although the element of surprise is a big part of a proposal, hence the buying of the ring first- 80% of partners would not feel confident in picking the right engagement ring and would prefer it if their partner were to give it the 'ok' first.

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