For most of us, our wedding day is one of the biggest milestones in our lives, and whilst we see our pets as one of the family, we rarely manage to include them in our celebrations.

Include your pets in your wedding photos

Include your pets in your wedding photos

However, in honour of National Dog Day, Apryl Britton, a devoted dog lover who included her six canine companions in her own wedding, and the experts over at Natures Menu have all shared their top tips on how to include your four-legged friend in your big day.

The proposal

Without a proposal, there’d be no wedding and what better (and cuter!) way to do it than to have your furry friend present that all-important ring to your other half. One of Apryl’s eldest dogs, Breeze, had her engagement ring tied round her neck on Christmas Day. Not only was it completely unexpected and adorable, it also made for a unique announcement photo!

The best man

Unsurprisingly, man’s best friend can also double up as a fantastic best man. Whilst they may not be able to help organise the stag do, or read a speech at the reception, they do prove to be a very loyal companion, sticking by your side every step of the way.

Ring bearer

Having your dog trot down the aisle with a small pillow attached to his collar is not only a great crowd pleaser, but also a true delight for you and your partner. They’re sure to lap up the attention from the adoring crowds and make it an unforgettable day for everyone.

The wedding photos

Including your pooch in the pictures from your big day is a great, easy way to involve them on the big day. Not only will they add an extra ‘aww’ factor, they’ll also be treasured in your wedding photos fur-ever!

Speaking of her own experience, Apryl said “Our wedding was really built around the love we have for our dogs and for each other. Even our wedding cake included toppers of our dogs and our wedding favours had wooden shelties wrapped in a purple ribbon. Our family know we are mad about our pets so weren’t surprised in the slightest. Most of our guests and family also own dogs, and they were thrilled that they could bring them along and have them stay at the hotel too.”

Apryl said: “As the stars of our wedding, we wanted to make sure our furry family was in tip top shape for the big day. We’ve been feeding them Natures Menu for a while now and have seen a real difference in their coats shine and softness – I had some serious hair competition on the big day!”

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