Bronze is a mixture of copper and tin- neither of which are strong on their own- but together they blend to make a stronger substance- just like you and your partner.

Image courtesy of Pixabay

Image courtesy of Pixabay

If it’s your eighth time around on the anniversary rollercoaster- here are some ideas for you…

A bronze ornament: There are so many ornaments to choose- both indoor and outdoor. Do your research and choose something that is significant to your partner or you as a couple and display it proudly in your house or garden.

Something bronze in colour: If your budget doesn’t stretch to real bronze there are plenty of items you could get your partner that are coloured bronze- a bag, suitcase, a belt, shoes or a pen for instance.

Bronzer: Does your partner have expensive taste? If they only buy the best when it comes to bronzer, perhaps you could get them some to save them having to buy it next time theirs runs out.

Something for the home: Does your kitchen sink require a new taps? Or do your cupboards require some new handles? What about your shower set? If any of these need a refresh, you might want to consider moving to antique bronze as your colour scheme.

Bronze jewellery: Which you can buy in its natural state or have it polished if your lover has a preference for silver jewellery over any other.

A bench for the garden: Why not invest in a piece for your garden if you spend a lot of time out there? You could opt for a large garden bench that is made from bronze to give your outdoor space the feature it’s looking for.

Happy Eighth Wedding Anniversary!

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